Spark – How Creativity Works Author Discussion

W E D N E S D A Y   W O R D S

“You can life a life creatively or uncreatively.”  ~Kurt Anderson

I’m no stranger to Spark.  Every Sunday night I read The Spark by Debbie Phillips.  An inspiring newsletter for women looking for inspiration, strategies, and support in creating their best life and reaching their dreams.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding another “Spark” to my reading list.

Yesterday Spark – How Creativity Works was released. I’m a creative.  So I’m interested in the theory behind creativity and how it all works.  I get more interested in it as my creative journey continues and I battle my own internal ebbs and flows in creativity and doubt and meet other artists who face the same issues.

I was excited to hear the book’s  authors speak at Barnes and Noble TriBeCa last night with a few of my Artist Way Group friends.  We all live in the same neighborhood so we met at the corner subway and made an evening outing out of the event.  We were, collectively, an actor, a photographer, and a writer.  Our own little sparky group of creativity.

Author Julie Burstein and Kurt Andersen discuss Spark

Spark has its origins in Public Radio’s Studio 360 weekly interview show focusing on creatives, but Spark isn’t just a transcript of the radio interviews.  It goes far beyond that. It’s a study, an evaluation of the themes, inspirations, and processes culled from the hundreds of interviews conducted.

Julie and Kurt talked about some of their favorite interviews last night, shared audio from some and explored the process of writing the book.  Julie discussed the challenges of the “instant gratification” of the interview process versus the 2-year long process of writing and releasing the book.  An interesting perspective on her own creative processes and adapting to new challenges and finding new ways to be creative in the book writing process.

I really enjoyed seeing Julie and Kurt in person.  Kurt has a dynamic personality and Julie exudes warmth!  I’d be OK with having her as my “local mom”…not to mention that her two sons that asked questions last night (my future “local brothers”) are completely adorable!!

I left the event with my signed copy of Spark and a little extra inspiration and creative drive.  I guess that’s how creativity works….

I’m really looking forward to reading the book and I’ll give you a full review when I’m done.

“The essential gift is to be open to wonder, and to let that wonder spark your creativity.”

OH!  I almost forgot.  This is a COLOR blog.  It’s part of the daily gift.  Don’t worry.  I have some color for you.

Can you see Kurt’s socks?  It was the FIRST thing I saw when they walked up on stage.  He’s dressed in black from head to toe except…PURPLE SOCKS!!

I looked at my friends and pointed towards my feet and did the “head point” towards Kurt.  They knew…

Thanks Kurt for helping out with the blog’s color!

P.S.  (I was dressed in black too…and under my puffer boots…PINK SOCKS!)