Creative Color – Wednesday Words No. 3

I found a really fun way to get creative color from words on your website, blog, Facebook page, or just words in your head.

Today’s Wednesday Words is an art project you can all participate in!  It’s called Wordle.

I found Wordle searching Google for word art to use today.  I ended up creating my own word art and having a lot of fun.

Here’s a few examples of how to use Wordle to create your word art:

Type or paste a string of words or text into Wordle and let it create ART from your text.

Here’s my first Wordle.  I simply typed in some of my favorite words.

You can edit your Wordle with new fonts, new colors, and new styles.  Customize your Wordle!

Enter a website address and let Wordle create word art from the site.

Here’s a Wordle of my blog.

Here’s a Wordle of melissaAnne COLORS on Facebook.

The possibilities are endless.  Wordle the web!  I Wordled some of my fav blogs and the results were so fun!  I’m not sharing though…hopefully they’ll read this and Wordle themselves!

Share this post with friends so they can Wordle too.  Post yours on the melissaAnne COLORS Facebook wall.  Let us see you Wordle!

Until next Wednesday…WORD!

Wednesday Words No. 2

This week has gone so fast!  I almost forgot it was time for Wednesday Words.

Here are some fun “word” products and art to entertain and inspire.

Leave it to a creative from Brooklyn to create The Google Pillow collection inspired by the top Google searches.  I think this pillow is hilarious!  There is a pillow for each year, beginning in 2006 (shown above is 2010).   It’s like a time capsule on a pillow. You can see them all at the elastic co Etsy store. (I NEVER thought I’d have the words “Justin Bieber” on my blog! My niece is going to think I’m SO COOL.)

I love this letterpress poster from Roll & Tumble Press.  It makes me smile…as do the old cameras!  It could be on this photographer’s art wish list very soon.

If this isn’t how I’ve been feeling in the snowy, cold environs of NYC I don’t know what is!  The silk screen poster from Slide Sideways brings shine and inspiration today.

I’ve seen these fun vinyl wall art and decals before.  I think they are a lot of fun and a great way to decorate with words.  Instead of “writing on the walls” like we did with chalkboard paint the other day, you can  Right on the Walls with these decals.

My most favorite has to be this beautiful colorful front door! I could find lots of Peace, Love and Joy if I had that front entrance!

That’s all for our Wednesday Words.  What words would you like to use to add a little personal design to your house?  Me…

Happy Wednesday!

Introducing Wednesday Words – The Art of Words

After only a week and a half, I have a totally new appreciation for daily bloggers. It’s not easy to keep content going. I am going to try a few “daily themes” to help me out a little.

I’m starting with WORDS.

I like words.  They allow us to communicate and relate to people.  They can change a mood, inspire a dream, and make a difference.  We can get creative with them by writing, printing, or painting them in colorful and fun ways.

I decided to create a day of the week for exploring all the many creative ways we can use words to enhance design, create art, inspire, or express color.

What better day than Wednesday…because it starts with W (of course..) and because it’s a good day to share some extra word inspiration to get us over the mid-week hump.


I came across Book of Art by Veronica Salazar a few days ago.  I love what she’s made and want to share her creativity and talent with you!  Veronica doesn’t write, print, or paint her words.  She folds them.

I’d love to put the three shown above on a long black shelf I have above my couch.  I think they make great art and conversation pieces for any room.

If you were going to fold a word into a book what would you want to say?  Me – SMILE!

You can see more on Book of Art’s Flickr Stream and contact her through the Book of Art Etsy store.

Thanks for stopping by to

my blog and for joining me on for the first WEDNESDAY WORDS.

Create.  Love.  Dream.

And come back tomorrow to Read more!

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