Winter Blue & Purple

Good morning!

It’s 27 degrees in Seattle this morning. That’s just cold.

My fingers feel blue. My feet may have moved into purple stage. Cold I tell you!

My soul is feeling some blue and purple too. But, not from the cold. It’s feeling some residual blue sky and purple cloud sunset beauty from Monday night. I thought I’d take my bus commute to thaw out and share some warm color inspiration.

It was chilly at the Seattle waterfront, but not 27 degrees chilly. Even in the cold, art makes me warm.

Here’s to feeling my blue and purple…
In your soul only!

You can see more of my images and leave comments on my melissaAnne Colors Facebook page. There’s Fall color, sky color and more. Consider it your color therapy gift. Go now!

Color On,

Color In The Clouds

It’s a bit rainy and chilly here this morning. The sky is grey with clouds.

But, I know there are blue skies and COLOR beyond.


I love the clouds here in the Pacific Northwest. I love them more when they are mixed with sun and COLOR!

Friday night down at the waterfront I got both!




Color On!