melissaAnne COLORS & Debi Lilly Designs for Safeway

If you’ve followed my melissaAnne COLORS brand over the years you know that I have always had plans and dreams of putting my abstract images on home products. Well, this Summer it officially happened! I am excited to team with my talented design friend Debi Lilly of Debi Lilly Designs for Safeway for one of her Summer 2016 candles.

Before I show you the candle, let’s go WAY back to 2012 and my first visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I still remember how in awe I was when I drove through the Valley and saw row after row of tulips. And, how when I walked into one of the showcase tulip farms I was overjoyed by the color and opportunities for photography. Here is the Impressionist style photo of the tulip fields that is now “going places” with Debi Lilly Designs for Safeway.


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Color…and Light…Celebration

I’m so excited about today! It’s a special day for me and a few of my friends and I have the PERFECT image to share.

Today, I’m going to visit the glassblowing studio for glassybaby, founded by a woman who inspires me and is the diva of color and light. It’s also the birthday weekend of two of my inspiring friends who happen to share the same birthday! They will be celebrating together (and hopefully blowing out their birthday candles with BIG wishes) at a Woman On Fire Tea on the East Coast while I’m indulging in color inspiration on the West. It’s sure to be magical across the country today!


Water Colors Candlelight

I hope you enjoy a colorful, light filled, inspiring weekend and celebrate something or someone.

Make a wish…all of you!