Recapturing A Childhood Love

Here’s what I know:


I love art, color and creativity.

Somewhere along the childhood path something happened and that passion was lost.   The love affair ended.  The romance died.

I guess over time I got used to “living without it”.  I suppose I told myself I didn’t need it.  Accepted it and moved on.  Until one day….

BOOM…a memory.

I felt a tiny spark of rekindled passion and then a “sweep me off my feet” kind of love.   That was 3 years ago. Today, our love affair lives on and we continue to rediscover each other every day.

There are the moments, as we rekindle the old relationship, when memories of the “old times” surface and beg to be integrated with the new.  Recently I had one of those “old times” resurface and “hang around”.   It seemed to beg me to take action, and re-experience its wonder from a new, grown up place.


A little girl and a box…

I don’t know what made me think of it, but the memory that appeared was that of a favorite childhood book.  I couldn’t remember the title so I Googled words like “girl” “box” “creativity”.    That’s what I remembered.   As a little girl I read a book, a lot, that had a cardboard box that became exciting new things through a fun little girl’s imagination.


A cardboard box.

A precociously creative little girl who was one of my childhood heroes.


Christina Katerina & The Box

That’s IT! Christina Katerina And The Box.  I found it. And last week, I ordered it!

Yesterday I read it on the stoop with the same magical, child-like fascination I did way back in Routh Roach Elementary School. It didn’t look quite like I remembered it, but it felt EXACTLY the same!

Christina Katerina, in all her Creative Divaness, is still my hero. Christina Katerina who turns a simple cardboard box into magical fantasy worlds. Launching her creative ideas into the world…


Right in the front yard.

Under the apple tree.

For all to see.


Christina Katerina turned box-related disasters into opportunities to stretch her imagination and create fantasy worlds anew. She was the ultimate problem-solver and creativity queen.

She’s inspired me anew to get out in the yard. Find my apple tree. Bring my “box”. Go with my gut. Use MY imagination. Create my vision in the world. Ignore those who try to “throw away the box” (some days that might even mean ignoring myself!). Embrace MY Creative Divaness and get on with the love affair that almost got away. We don’t always get a second chance at love, after all.


What’s your “book”?


Do you have a favorite book from childhood? Do you have a copy of it? When was the last time you read it?

Is there a message in it for you? A reminder from your inner child of who you are? What you need?

Share your book and how it relates to you today in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear about it…



International Women’s Day

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Every year, events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

These are some of themes from around the world for 2011 that inspired me.

Global, United Nations

Women and men united to end violence against women and girls


Strong Leadership. Strong Women. Strong World: Equality


Sharing the Caring for the Future


Women’s Voices and Influence

I believe in the power of women when we are allowed to dream and are given the resources to reach our goals, support our communities, and better our world.  I believe in the sisterhood of women and our capacity to come together to give love and compassion.

Today I honor the organizations and people working for women.

Women focused organizations I follow for their amazing work in empowering, educating, and improving the lives of women around the world.

Women for Women International

The Girl Effect


Mollygoggles/Chaska Hill

Where I go for my own inspiration, support, and connection with women.

Women On Fire

Downtown Women’s Club

A special thank you to all of you who support women. When you support one woman, you support many.

Feeling Blue?

I love the color BLUE.  I always have. When I was young my bedroom had BLUE walls. I had comforters and pillows of BLUE.  It was all BLUE…except for the pink reclining chair I sat in to do my homework and watch baseball (hour after hour).

BLUE, any shade, is a color that makes me smile.  It gives me a burst of energy.  It excites me.  Maybe not surprising given that the color BLUE is often used to awaken artistic expression and inspiration.  Well, I’m here to say it works!

Let’s get inspired with some BLUE!  Here are my favorite BLUE inspirations from the last few weeks.

casa sugar

Love the orange and turquoise and the tree on the wall.  What a great headboard substitute!

casa sugar

You can just move those chairs and that couch right into my living room, thank you!

To Resolve Project

I LOVE the To Resolve Project.  Creatives illustrating their New Years Resolutions.  And what’s even better, they are available for download onto your iPhone.  If one catches your eye or fits your resolution give it a try!


I’d like to sit in this room and read my blogs and emails tomorrow morning (but I’d probably end up staring at the painting and the chandelier all day).  What would you do in this room?

10 Rooms

WAIT!  Really?  Check out this dipped furniture.  How FUN is this.  I want to try this NOW!  What can you “dip”?


I had an idea in December to make a cute ruffle skirt for a chair slipcover I have that needs a little personality.  I LOVE how it was done on this chair.  It inspires me even more to dress up my chair SOON!

I met artist John Murphy this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea.  His frames are beautiful!  They are made of resin and are sturdy and VERY colorful.  Shown is a great grey/blue color but there are lights, brights, neutrals.  Check them out!

I recently purchased this print from the talented Whitney Ferre.  Something got me the moment I saw it on her blog, Creatively Fit, and I had to have it.  I’m not sure  if it was my new “blue” shade or if it was something magical about this angel that spoke to me.  Whatever it was, she’s mine now and will be framed and hanging soon to soothe me with color.

I have a free gift for you today.  I’m giving you some of my own COLOR.

melissaAnne COLORS - Reflection Colors Collection Image

Take a little BLUE inspiration with you on the go today!  Use the above melissaAnne COLORS Photography Collection image, part of the Reflection Colors Collection, as a background on your cell phone (formatted for iPhone).  Simply right click on the photo above and save on your computer.  Sync or email to your phone and select as your wallpaper.

The Reflection Colors image used above is a blue boat reflecting on the water at dawn.  It was taken at Vineyard Haven Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard.  Create and INSPIRE with BLUE today!

Have a great Monday!  I hope you feel BLUE all day!

A BIG Reveal: I FEAR Soap

Now it’s public: I have a problem with neurotic fear of bars of soap. There is little that disturbs me, grosses me out, or confuses me more than bars of soap. They are supposed to clean my hands….but my dirty hands, and other people’s dirty hands (!!!), are touching them and that dirt CAN’T magically disappear.

I was a Biology major when I first started out in college. I had dreams of being a doctor (I know…now I’m here taking pictures and talking about color and dirty soap…isn’t life beautiful!). I took Microbiology and I did all those experiments with cotton swabs and petri dishes. All I can say is YUCK!! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK…in a beautiful, awesome, intriguing science geek kinda way of course! But I don’t want to wash with a beautiful, awesome, intriguing “petri dish”.

Today, in my inbox, my fear was CURED! It magically disappeared (unlike the germs having a Rave on your bar of soap as you read this)!

If you share this fear, I’m going to cure yours too! I know! This is beyond exciting isn’t it? Imagine the possibilities…

Meet The Soap Flakes by Swiss designer Nathalie Staempfli 

A wall mounted soap bar shaver that gives me soap without starting a germ Rave. And according to Nathalie, it’s more eco-friendly than liquid soap because bar soap is more concentrated which means water isn’t used to produce it. Not to mention you can package bars of soap in paper instead of using plastic bottles. Germ free, phobia free, AND I get to be an eco-princess? FANTASTICAL!

And if this isn’t enough to change YOUR life…well get this. There is a shower version too.

A “pepper mill” + the shower = things you’d NEVER do together. Which is what makes this even more fun!

Who knew the idea of taking a pepper mill into the shower could CHANGE my life and rid me of fear.

I’ll let you know if I find out where to pick up a Soap Flake so we can all fearlessly twist and grind our way through bars of soap!

Thanks to DESIGN MILK for originally sharing this design.

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