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I talked about my love of textiles in the Textiles, Tulips post a few weeks ago. If you know me beyond that post you know that I LOVE design and interiors and have since childhood. My poor mother and my incessant requests to go to the local “home store” of choice on any given week (or was it day, mom?) to buy a new pillow, bed ruffle, or room decor color-change-accessory of the moment. I haven’t changed much and still get inspired by home accessories and could buy something new daily if I didn’t moderate myself.

So the opportunity to have MY art in a major home decor store? WHOA! WOW! YES, PLEASE!! A home decor store where, by the way, I love to go on days that I’m feeling a little flat and need some design or color energy infusion, none the less…Pottery Barn!!

I’m completely excited about the + Pottery Barn Kids Pottery Barn Teen challenge and a chance to get some of my fun and colorful art sold in stores and inspiring young people to dream, color, and GET creative. Here’s how you can help me:


Vote for melissaAnne COLORS art in the + Pottery Barn Kids & PB Teen Challenge to discover new wall art for kids and teens!

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Textiles, Tulips On Tables, Small Steps

“…creativity is much less of a “great leap forward” and more a series of small steps…”

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I have had a long-time dream and goal of putting my abstract photography images on textiles. I haven’t reached it yet, but I’m still working towards that goal – step by step. Here’s an insider look at some of the steps I’ve been taking lately.

When I moved to Seattle 4 years ago I discovered the Skagit Valley tulip farms and couldn’t wait to check it out! I wasn’t disappointed by the fields of blooms, color, and linear patterns that made abstract photography a must. This is a photo I took during one of my farm visits.

532 copy

Fun colors and stripes! As a matter of fact, my dear friend Debi Lilly has nicknamed these the “stripeys” and we’ve been collaborating about opportunities to work together on textiles. In order to print images on textiles you need a repeat, which isn’t always easy with “undefined” shapes. So to work I went cutting and stitching images together to create repeat styles so these images can be printed on continuous fabric.

The end result looks something like this for the image above:



And a mockup of this textile as a table runner on one of Debi’s A Perfect Event and DL Loft table designs, tulip arrangements sitting on “tulip field” perfection.

12672182_474196049457897_1472374512686096124_o (1)

What do you think? Party ready? Inspired for Spring? Let me know what you think in the comments below or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. How do YOU want to see my COLORS textiles in your home?
Special thanks to Debi Lilly for the photo above, her continued support of my passion and her friendship!
Color On,
{Keep working towards your dream…step by step}



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Nautical in Abstract

You have all followed me long enough to know I like to “color outside the lines” with my art.

Take a different perspective…

Go a little abstract…

Some of you know I have a dream of putting my images on textiles. And, that I have an odd obsession with pillow design.

Today’s image has been a mental “picture” for some time. This weekend, step one towards reality.

Meet my textile vision Nautical In Abstract.

Beyond the anchor. Decorate your space with “boat jewelry” as I like to call it.

A photo of the ropes on a sailboat mast made graphic and customizable in a range of color ways. Test swatches and more coming soon!

Possibilities are endless…

Color and dream! Dream and color!!

Color…and Light…Celebration

I’m so excited about today! It’s a special day for me and a few of my friends and I have the PERFECT image to share.

Today, I’m going to visit the glassblowing studio for glassybaby, founded by a woman who inspires me and is the diva of color and light. It’s also the birthday weekend of two of my inspiring friends who happen to share the same birthday! They will be celebrating together (and hopefully blowing out their birthday candles with BIG wishes) at a Woman On Fire Tea on the East Coast while I’m indulging in color inspiration on the West. It’s sure to be magical across the country today!


Water Colors Candlelight

I hope you enjoy a colorful, light filled, inspiring weekend and celebrate something or someone.

Make a wish…all of you!


A “Silky” Sunset?

As I was editing that most colorful sunset I shared with you yesterday, I felt my head turn slightly to the left…repeatedly…until I got the message. Horizontal! And then, Pillow!


Sunset: Kirkland Waterfront


How would you like that coloring your sofa or bed in a beautiful silk pillow? Color from nature “painting” your home decor. Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just a “tilt of the head”.

Look at something differently today. Maybe a challenge? A question? The way you’ve always “done it” or “used it”…maybe you’ll find some silky color…or something even more exciting.

Oh, and I ordered silk swatches to test out “the tilt” inspiration.

Don’t just tilt. Do.

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