Rock Your Color

Why is it that Monday sometimes feels like the waves are crashing over us and trying to hide our colors?

Not gonna happen! 😉

How fun is this rock? I found it on a beach on Martha’s Vineyard. I can imagine the artist sitting in the sand with the beautiful light painting an inspiring seascape, the rock a natural palette for color.

Surf’s up…
Rock your colors!

Color On,


Rolling and Rising

HOW did that happen?

I promised color this week. But, where did the week go? It rushed by!!

Here’s some double color, promise make up for failure, serenity from my recent Cabo vacation.

Beach COLOR at sunset.

Waves rolling in. Moon rising.

Have a colorfully rolling and rising day!

Color on,


Color & Fun With Water

Blogging on the run (OK walk) again. It’s raining…again. How about a quick Friday color before my iPhone drowns…


I love the water and the way the light shines and sparkles off its movement at sunset. Today’s image is a little something I “painted” with my camera last week. The light yellow accents are courtesy of the sun on the horizon.

I see textile art…