Wedding Bliss On Martha’s Vineyard

I was honored to be in attendance and to take some photos at my dear friend Kristy’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard last month. I met Kristy over 10 years ago when I was working at a Crisis Management service provider and she was at an airline. As with many of my clients from those days, Kristy and I became friends and have continued our friendship through other jobs and life paths. Kristy and her now husband Noel’s story is one of true love, international long distance love at that, and perseverance. I’ve never been so happy or emotional at a wedding in my life. These two are the perfect couple and worked hard to get to their special day.

The last few weeks have been a bit challenging for many and with the media full of emotional stories, I wanted to send out a little love today, in my own style.




This photo was taken on South Beach on Martha’s Vineyard. Using sparklers, Kristy, Noel and the two boys Sam and Christopher spelled love for all the world to see.  Kristy requested I include this, as it was a major theme at the wedding. #LoveWins

Yes, Kristy, you helped prove that!

And just like my trip to Amsterdam last year and my #LoveLettersToAmsterdam theme, I have a lot of love for Martha’s Vineyard so here is my #LoveLetterToMarthasVineyard. An Impressionist photography image from Edgartown Harbor.




Thank you Martha’s Vineyard for the beauty and magic you always share.

You can see more wedding weekend fun, the magic of Debi Lilly’s wedding designs and Martha’s Vineyard scenery in a video I created for the happy couple. Visit my melissaAnne COLORS Facebook page to view.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Color on,




Skagit Valley Tulips 2016

Skagit Valley Tulips 2016

I’ve completely ignored my blog over the last month. I’ve been guest blogging on other sites and spending lots of time on Instagram curating a MOST colorful feed. Today I needed an extra special blog inspiration environment and as I type this I’m sitting at the Safeco Field ballpark (thank you WiFi) watching my childhood team take on the local team.  Texas Rangers vs Seattle Mariners on a temperate Spring afternoon does a body and mind good (the hotdog I just devoured didn’t hurt either).

Speaking of Spring…

One of my MOST favorite things to do in the Pacific Northwest is visit the Skagit Valley tulips during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The drive is beautiful, the farm country is inspiring, and the tulip fields are colorfully energizing and make for great camera play! Come along with me as I wander{lust} and color{lust} through the rows of color.

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Color Me…PINK!

I woke to a VERY dreary day in NYC.  It’s a pattern I’m really hoping changes soon!  Dreary = drowsy…

What to do on a day with no visible outside color to energize me?   Connect with the color I need for the day, purposefully or intuitively, and pull images from the recesses of my mind and the world around me.

Today’s perfect morning color:  Intuitively Pink

I’ve said it before, I LOVE a pink sunrise.  There is just something special about an early morning sky covered in a pink glow.  I can’t think of a better way to start the day really.

This morning I somehow knew I needed pink today.  So I visualized this perfectly pink and peaceful morning.  A memory I cherish.

Vineyard Haven, MA 2011

That led me to my catalog of images and MORE pink sunrises.


Vineyard Haven, MA 2010


Vineyard Haven, MA 2011


Edgartown, MA 2010


And that made me think of pink Water Colors.

Water Colors Ambrosia – The Hamptons


Water Colors Allissa – Lewisville, TX


Then I started noticing all the pink around me.  My toothbrush is pink.  I have walls painted pink.  On my desk sits my pink and blue Wonder Woman wristband.

{Yes, there is a story there.  Let’s just leave it at some days we need a little extra super hero mojo!}

Then I went to my bookcase to pull out a few of my color theory and healing books to see what all this pink attention was all about and I realized I have pink books and journals galore.  I never realized I had so much pink love!

Here’s what the experts have to say about pink.

The PINK Effect

Awakens compassion.  Calming.  Stimulates the immune system.  Comforts emotional energies.  Meditate with pink to discern greater truths.

In China, pink is considered a lucky color.

Pink Personality

If you like pink you are likely a soft and tender friend.  You are romantic and don’t like violence.  You are talented but not overambitious.  People are drawn to you by your charm and warmth.  You are contemplative and cautious.


I hope you are feeling compassionate, calm, enlightened, and comforted by PINK.  GO PINK!