Nautical in Abstract

You have all followed me long enough to know I like to “color outside the lines” with my art.

Take a different perspective…

Go a little abstract…

Some of you know I have a dream of putting my images on textiles. And, that I have an odd obsession with pillow design.

Today’s image has been a mental “picture” for some time. This weekend, step one towards reality.

Meet my textile vision Nautical In Abstract.

Beyond the anchor. Decorate your space with “boat jewelry” as I like to call it.

A photo of the ropes on a sailboat mast made graphic and customizable in a range of color ways. Test swatches and more coming soon!

Possibilities are endless…

Color and dream! Dream and color!!

Monday? Wednesday? It’s All So Foggy…

Happy New Year from melissaAnne Colors!!

For some of us today is our first day back to work. Feeling a bit foggy like me?
No worries. The fog will lift. Your color will return in no time and we’ll be off and brightening 2013 before you know it.
AND…we only have to make it through 3 days this week! Whew!!!

Lift fog…lift!!!


Without “Color”

We’re COLORing without color today…

My final day on Martha’s Vineyard a few months ago was a bit cold and dreary. I stopped off at a marina by the Beach Club and got this shot of the wood beach club buildings.


After downloading, black & white felt like the way to go to highlight the textures and lines and really bring in the serene feel of the moment.

The world is interesting and fun even when it’s lacking “color”!


Ballard Blues

Wednesday COLOR!!!

I was down in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle a few weekends ago and spent sunset out on the docks at Fisherman’s Wharf, a favorite place full of boats and nautical treasures.

I caught this image as the sun was setting and the lights from the big working boats began to shimmer and reflect on the water.


I played with the water color a little, turned the image to the right, cropped square…voila, an abstract “work of art”.

You know the turquoise is my favorite, but an original blue from the waters of the Puget Sound is available too. Personally, I never met a shade or tone of blue I didn’t like!!

Happy Wednesday! Keep shining…


P.S. Interested in giving Color art for the holidays? Contact me for details and pricing on your favorite new prints!

Twisted Color

Life has been…well a little “twisted” lately. The Crisis Management professional side of my life sprung into full gear recently and the art side of life fell into the shadows a bit.

But, I’m back!

It’s all a balancing act.

Yin and yang.

Weave it all together.

And COLOR when you can!


Love that my “re-entry” with my camera this weekend delivered my favorite color…turquoise!!

Color it up this week!