Love Letter To Amsterdam – Rest

December 21, 2015


My Dearest Amsterdam,

As the wind howls through the bare trees, the rain pounds loudly against the window panes, the water in the canal churns angrily and the street lights dance wildly in the night sky I am warm and safe inside. Perfect weather for a day of rest, reflecting, and writing.


I love you for your ease and the reminder to rest.

Love Always,




Love Letter To Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam – Love Letter To Amsterdam


Love Letter To Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam.

From the first visit I was smitten. My soul had a crush that grew into a full on love affair over the years and visits.

In September I declared “I want to spend October in Amsterdam.” A month to romance fully with my soul city. October wasn’t meant to be…BUT, December/January is!

Holidays in Europe.

Patience, flow and determination — CHECK

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