Love Letter To Amsterdam – December 17


My Dearest Amsterdam,

I love you for your holiday spunk.

Love Letters To Amsterdam


Thank you for tempting me into a spontaneous “Brunch” of Pancake Puffs from a food vendor and Glühwein in a dimly lit chalet with Adam Levine rocking the sound system at Rembrandtplein Market.
Love Letters To Amsterdam

Uhm…can we talk about that SLAB of butter???


If I showed you my flaws

If I couldn’t be strong

Tell me honestly

Would you still love me the same?


Love Letters To Amsterdam

Self Talk:  Glühwein….This can be considered brunch…it’s no different than a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Cheers!


Yes, Amsterdam (and Adam), I would still love you the same! Of course I would! Love is unconditional.


Love Always,


PS… I had a slab of butter and mulled wine for breakfast on a Thursday…Do you still love me the same?