Dining on Delancey

I discovered Pantry At Delancey online a few weeks ago and was a bit smitten by the menu (that happens often when lamb is involved), so I decided to try it out.

I drove into the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle looking for this hidden dining experience with no help from my GPS since she decided to get “stuck” somewhere on the bridge from Mercer Island. I made it anyway thanks to a “stop and ask” and then a sign to point my way (I love when the world gives me a sign…).


When I walked into this adorable eatery (it’s not a restaurant really, but a multi-purpose community food space) I was immediately in love. It was bright, airy, smelled delicious….and it had BLUE chairs! around a beautiful, long perfectly set wood table.


The table was in the middle of the action with food being prepared and cooked all around it. I was greeted with a Prosecco and fresh strawberry cocktail in a lovely pink shade set in a circle with a splash of green.


Beautiful tartines quickly arrived: cherry, leek, and radish. I’m not a big radish fan, but the soft pink circles (my favorite shape) inspired me…and the tartine delighted me! The fleur de sel and sweet butter made it the perfect blend of salty & sweet, the radish and bread just the right crunch of texture. A work of food art!


I took my place at the table. Snuggled into my “happy” blue chair and waited for more.

My favorite dish turned out to be the carrots. I love carrots; raw or cooked their orange pop bring happiness to my plate. But these carrots were like none I’d tasted! They were dressed for the evening with a sorrel-hazelnut pesto, crispy prosciutto, and honey. A mix of wonderful color, texture, and taste! I helped myself…3 times. I think my vision is better today….


The leg of lamb was good. It could have used a spark of flavor and color, maybe some rosemary or cinnamon. It left me dreaming of the lamb chops at Union Square Cafe in NYC and remembering wonderful meals and experiences there.

Overall, the meal was good. I enjoyed the community dining experience and opportunity to make new friends. I love what the ladies at Pantry are doing with kids and adults to inspire cooking and an appreciation of food.

If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth a reservation (and a chance to sit in blue happy chairs…) but plan in advance because the dinners are limited offer.

Bon couleur appetit!