Creative Color with Diane von Furstenberg

Attitude is everything. ~Diane von Furstenberg

I love Diane von Furstenberg.  I love everything about her!  She’s warm, intelligent, stylish, comforting, and inspiring.

My favorite black dress is a DVF.  My favorite fun, flirty, silky, colorful, patterned, bow enhanced summer dress is DVF.

I feel very powerful and feminine when I wear these dresses.  I feel special.  Like someone cared about me as a woman when they made them.

I design for the woman who loves being a woman.  ~Diane von Furstenberg

I’m kinda giddy about this morning’s post.  Why?  Now I can dress more than just “me” in these special empowering designs.  Now my favorite home accessories can be DVF with the Diane von Furstenberg Ready To Wear home collection.  Pure home ecstasy!  Color, pattern, design, style…

If you are ready for something new around the house to lighten up and add some fun for Spring, here are my favorites from the new collection.


The beautiful Sandstone Drinkware in Erawan Blue.  Who doesn’t want to put Erawan Blue on the table.  It sounds as dreamy as it looks!

These fun and colorful Miro Flowers plates are inspired by the surrealistic art of Joan Miro and it reminds me of my silky DVF dress!  I can even see part of the bow on the right side of plate?  See it?

These dessert plates in Paper Cheetah are so fun!  I love the design and the shape is so unexpected.  I love dishes with non-traditional shapes.  I’m all about the circle, but give me a dish that’s anything but am I’m singing with angels.

Textiles – Oh Textiles

The DVF Miro Flowers design graces pillows and a duvet cover and gives great composition and color for the bedroom.  I love art inspired textiles so these make me so happy and inspired!  I’d like to see the Sandstone glasses design on a beautiful silk duvet.  I’d break out the leftover b-day gift cards for that!

Maybe some day there will be a DVF design inspired by melissaAnne COLORS….It could happen….

I’ll leave you with some final, inspiring words from Diane von Furstenberg the iconic hero to the young designer Whitney Port.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Creative Color Journals

Everyone, no matter how busy or how old, is creative…

I was reading about  the 1000 Journals Project the other day.  The project was started by Brian Singer, a San Francisco designer, 10 years ago  with the goal of having journals travel around the world for people to write thoughts, discuss feelings, and share artwork.

I just love this idea given that I’ve started adding art to my daily journal.  It’s such a fun way to express how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, or some days to actually discover something I didn’t know was going on in my head or heart.

The spirit of the project is to reach into people’s creativity and connect to one another through the journals.

The program works by sharing journals filled with creativity and stories of people all over the world, each sharing their thoughts and passing it along to a friend or a stranger. The goal of the project was to provide people a place to be creative while interacting with others around the world.

Twelve of the original journals are now on exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA.  The Skirball hopes visitors will understand that “everyone, no matter how busy or how old, is a creative individual and has something to express to the world”.  What better reason for an exhibit I say!

Not in LA?  No problem!  You can see some of the journals on the “next generation” 1001 Journals website.

Do you have an “art journal”?  While you’re over at the website, you can upload pictures of your journal pages to share with the project at 1001 Journals.

Want to get a journal  in your hands and get inspired by the words and art?  You can buy the 1001 Journals Book at

“The important thing is to keep creativity alive in our lives, and we hope people become inspired to start their own journals,” Porter said.

I have a few groups and friends that I’d love to start a journal with!  Who’s in??

An Ideal Ideal Day…Comes To Life!

I’m fascinated by the brain.  Sometimes I forget how amazing it is and I think it gets annoyed so it finds some way to show off and remind me.  I got a reminder recently while working through the Artists Way.

The Best Task EVER

Week 8, Task #7

YIPEE!!! I get to dream, envision, WRITE my Ideal Ideal Day. Bells were ringing, angels were singing and I was IN! I turned on my iTunes, selected a Sarah Brightman mix and settled in with my notebook and favorite pen to write my PERFECT day.

I had a four page beautiful day. It involved photography, painting, eating, nature, play and music. It was, of course, ideally perfect. I didn’t write specifically where this day took place, I didn’t have to. I saw that in my mind as I wrote. It was like I was there. I could see the color, smell the breeze and feel the passion. I was on Martha’s Vineyard, of course. My ideal, ideal, perfect, perfect, dreamy, dreamy place to be.

Feeling positively warm, mushy, and glowing from Task 7, I moved on to Task 8.

Week 8, Task #8

Allow yourself to live one aspect of your Ideal Ideal Day.

It’s Winter, the worst Winter EVER mind you, in NYC. It was early evening, dark and that “worst winter ever” situation has me hibernating like a bear!  No photography. I’d never actually painted anything and didn’t have any supplies. So, I warmly, mushy, glowingly just went about my night. “I’ll do something tomorrow”.

My Brain Shows Off

For weeks I had been thinking about laying putting some of my favorite rocks on a picture ledge but just hadn’t done it. As I was digging through my “rock vase” for my favorite treasures from around the world and placing them on the ledge I stopped. Caught in a moment of realization…

I’m LIVING part of my Ideal Ideal Day! Right here. Right now. In Brooklyn, NY. Every warm, mushy, glowing part of me!

The Subconscious Took Over

I didn’t write about it. It wasn’t specific. It was completely subconscious.

My favorite spot on Martha’s Vineyard is Aquinnah.

Last Summer I finally made it past the overlook down to the beach. It was even BETTER than I expected. Along the cliff line are these magical rock sculptures. Created by regular beach goers like you and me. Here are some shots I took while hanging out there with friends just before sunset.

This one looks like a guardian angel of the sea.

This is my friend Nancy’s rock sculpture. She’s very creative!

A Little MV in the BK

When I stopped at that moment I realized that I was creating my own little piece of Aquinnah right in my living room!

{Art: Water Colors Amethyst }

The rocks on my ledge were becoming little sculptures of their own.

{Art: Water Colors Elegance}

My Ideal Ideal Day in My Ideal Ideal Place Came Home

My brain was sending me a little gift. A reminder of the place I love. Creating a little of the artistic sparkle I feel when I’m on the Vineyard. Surrounding me with the incredible creativity that exists everywhere, especially on the beach on an Ideal Ideal Day.

Thank you brain! You’re so, well, IDEAL!

Creative Color – Lighting and A Little Drama

A big thanks to everyone who read the blog yesterday and sent me messages of encouragement and validation.  I LOVE that some of you even committed to getting a little more “foolish” with creative color in your own lives.  My color mission is on track!

I’m back today to “color out loud”.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my love of color with others.  I truly believe that color has immense power and I know it can change my attitude or give me hope on a tough day.  For me, color is like food.  I must have it to thrive.  When it’s absent, I can feel the effects and I crave it.  I am learning to appreciate my connection with color and my ability to see it in ways others don’t.  I share color here in hopes of inspiring others, making a difference, changing the way people see things around them…or just making someone smile!

Some days it’s just that simple.  Color = smile.

Today I received color smiles and design inspiration  in the form of some beautiful, colorful lighting!

Did you have the same reaction I did?  I had to catch my breath!  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this piece of lighting and I reacted the same way on our first encounter.  I could potentially write a dissertation on this there’s so much here to love!  I would never STOP smiling if it was in my home.  I’d probably blog about it every day.  You’d get really sick of hearing about it…we’d have a blog breakup…drama would ensue.  Yes, it’s THAT special!   This came to me again today in an email from my friend Diane who sent me the link and these words “I think I just died and went to Heaven !!!”  I get it!

You can find this charmer, Catalonia Chandelier, at Shine by S. H. O.  Make sure you have a few extra minutes when you’re there because you *might* want to look around a little.  For instance…

The Sugalite Pendant is like Cinderella dressed up for the ball!  It’s elegant and dreamy!  I already have a vision for the room this baby would hang in and it involves these chairs I saw on Color Sizzle.

This next light, from Satelight, is really inspiring for me personally.  I have a vision of my melissaAnne COLORS abstracts printed on silk and linen fabrics covering lampshades.  Pendant lamps and table lamps with beautiful blown glass bases in unique colors pulled from natural shades in my images.  I tested a DIY lampshade to give to someone as a gift last year.  The fabric worked fine, the DIY…well, I’m not Martha Stewart.

My final color smile came from something that is near and dear to my heart.  Hidden color palettes!  I’ve talked about this before.  It’s kinda an obsession with me.  Colorful designs outside of clear view that when seen feel like you’re sneaking into a present you weren’t meant to see.  A little danger.  A little intrigue.   A little forbidden color.

Meet lighting from Satelight with a hidden color palette.

I hope you enjoyed today’s color and something here inspired you to do something fun with color or just made you smile.  If you see some fun color if your life today let us know in the comments here on the blog or share it with us at melissaAnne COLORS on Facebook.

My Favorite Creative Color Places Online

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite resources online for creative color.   Places I go for inspiration and information about color, trends, and ways color is making a difference.

Sensational Color

I love the team over at Sensational Color.  They create great content on colorful products, color trends, color in design, and all things color!  They have a great blog called Live in Full Color and following them on Facebook puts a lot of color in your daily stream.  If you want to learn more about color and design, check out their Color Consultant Certification program. The program is available in several locations and online.  I participated last year online and really enjoyed it!

Let’s Colour Project

The Let’s Colour Project is working together with local communities across the globe to paint streets, houses, school, and more.  I love this message on their website:  Grey is out. Gloom is gone. It’s time to live our lives in colour. You gotta love that mission!

Here’s a shot of artists and locals painting a building in Brazil.

Visit their website to get more information on how the Let’s Colour Project is making a difference through color and sign up to get involved.


This  is a great site for more things color, design, and inspiration.  Not only can you get info on trends and industries at COLOURlovers, you can also create your own palettes, patterns, and even name a color.  It’s a lot of fun so check it out!

Lively Grey

I recently found the color games on  They are a fun way to “play” with color and test your color skills.

I hope you enjoy these fun and colorful sites!

See you Monday…