food{ie} coloring

I thought I’d share something new and different with you color lovers. Some of you who know me have “watched” me eat my way through Seattle and develop a new love and respect for fine dining and adventurous cuisine.

It’s been an amazing experience to eat in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle food scene is superb and they do know how to make food and dining a true “experience”.

Whatever new adventures I discover along life’s path, I notice that two things remain constant and interweaved throughout my life…



So it just makes sense that this would stay true with food, right?


Welcome to my new way of COLORing!

food{ie} coloring

Food experienced visually…and edibly (for me at least, but you are welcome to come join me).





(…and now hunger…)

What’s for lunch?

Color On (and eat on),


You can follow my food and photography adventures at the *NEW* food{ie} coloring blog.

Special thanks to Crush in Seattle for the divine seafood dishes shown above! Only fitting my first blog comes from my favorite local restaurant!