Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort + Me + Mom

Once a year my mom comes to visit me which helped with #Adventure52 – Me + Mom + Semiahmoo Resort. Mom’s visits are always awesome!  Just me….mom…and ALWAYS an adventure!  Last year it was Orcas Island. This year, it was Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA. I’d visited in the Spring and when I described the views, the water, the rock-filled beach, and the SPA to my mom she was SOLD.

Adventure Stop 1: Bow-Edison and Scenic Chuckanut Drive

Brunch at Tweets in Bow-Edison. I unexpectedly found this adorable street of food and shopping while trying to get a closer look at a bison farm (I never got that). BUT, the Edison “board walk” was a more than suitable bison substitute and I couldn’t wait to show mom around.


Tweets storefront

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melissaAnne Colors European Travel Adventure

Hello Color Friends!

It’s been a busy Summer, including 4 weeks of travel opportunity for a melissaAnne Colors European travel adventure. Life is never better when it’s full of exploration, color, new friends, new foods, and new views into this big world of ours.  I’m excited to share my adventure with you in the Fall issue of A Perfect Event magazine. Flip through the pages of this beautiful magazine for travel stories, Fall fashion, and FUN holiday decorating ideas (I’m IN LOVE with the bat in the fork…you MUST look for this and if you have a party and try this I expect an invite!)

Start reading by clicking on the image below.

European Travel Adventure

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Locks, Color, Check!

I don’t know about you, but Monday came WAY too fast for me!!


Let’s make the best of it and take in a little color!

I went to the Locks in Ballard on Saturday. It’s been on the checklist of things to do for a while now.

A very cool place!

We arrived just in time to see a big commercial fishing boat maneuver through and be lowered. And, it was blue so double bonus!

Before they disappeared below my sight line, I captured a few shots of the floats that hang along side the vessel. The reflection caught my eye and looked quite intriguing.


I just love all the color reflecting on the ship’s hull.

Color eye candy!

If you want to know more about the Locks, here is the Wiki link.

Color On,


PS…I’m still working on those Farm To Table photos. Watch for them!

PSS..if you can’t wait for foodie photo fun, check out my latest foodie blog post. Food and COLOR love!

Perspective and Friday Color

I love hearing from COLORS readers!! Remember this from Wednesday?

A reader wrote me and said she saw a tree if the image was turned upside down. Would you look at that! It does!!!

Perspective! Abstract art! LOVE!!

Here’s a little extra color to end your week. Another boat bottom image from Annapolis with some soft and soothing pastels and fun texture!


Have a great weekend! I’m going to try looking at more things upside down. 🙂


Wednesday COLOR

Sharing some quick color to help us all through this Wednesday. My fingers are too cold to “think”. So here we go…

I captured this little beauty while in Annapolis a few months ago.


That yellow and gold looks so warm and inviting doesn’t it…