What’s Your Color Personality?

I’m always looking for fun things to do that involve color, so when I found this color profile quiz I had to check it out.  It was quick and easy and I got to look at pretty pictures and think about a dream vacation (my selection might surprise you…).

Not so surprising, however, was my color profile. 

My Color Profile from Pratt and Lambert Paints…Turquoise, Blues, Gold…Perfect!!


Right on target!  I’m obsessed with turquoise and lately the darker blues have been appearing in artwork I’ve received as gifts or purchased because I felt a connection.  My office and living room share a space (like many other New Yorkers, I’m a bit space deprived)  and my thoughts lately have been to paint the wall at my “office” location turquoise and the “living” area a deep grey/blue to give it some separation.  The test colors are so perfect. 

Want your color personality?  Ready to play with color and dream of your next vacation? 

Head over to Pratt & Lambert Paints and take your color quiz.  Have fun and come back and let me know what your profile is and if it connects with the colors you’ve been dreaming about lately.