Designer Inspiration

I don’t know if it’s the Winter blues or flu blues, but something has me down and out today.  I woke feeling a bit “colorless” and uninspired.

What to do?  Straight to the computer and Google Chrome transport to my favorite textile designers for some dream inspiration.

Angela Adams

I love her Ocean / Seaglass rug!  I love everything about it!  The color, the texture, the image.   It reminded me of my Reflection Colors photography collection and the soothing patterns and colors of the ocean waters.

I am a big fan of Angela Adams.  She’s one of my design heroes and I’d LOVE to work for her!  When I first saw her line I was smitten.  Reading how she describes her line on the about page, it all made perfect sense.  angela adams is a casual, modern, luxury brand representing an optimistic view of the world spoken through a language of color and pattern.

Color and pattern.  No wonder I love her designs so much.  I also LOVE that she has photographs of the actual inspiration behind each of her designs.  As a photographer who wants to design based on photos I find this so inspiring and validating.  Stop by and check out her website and beautiful designs.

Jonathan Adler

First off Jonathan Adler is hilarious!  I love his fun, colorful, and whimsical designs.  His personality shows so strong in his designs and I’m always inspired by the authenticity he shows.  My inspiration choice for today?

The Jonathan Adler Haines Chair in Flax.  Simple color.  Fantastic design.  I love the curves on this chair.  I could sit in it all day with a good book, my journal, and some hot cocoa!  It’s classic, yet quirky.  True Jonathan Adler style if you ask me.  I wouldn’t mind working for Jonathan Adler either, of course.  Only problem is I might have to wear Depends to work because I’d be laughing so hard…

John Robshaw

Oh…John Robshaw.  His designs are beautiful.  His colors are captivating.  His story is inspiring and when I met him at an Apartment Therapy Offline event he was so friendly and gracious.

His travels and photos are the stuff of my fantasies!  I’d like to follow him around for 6 months and take pictures in the Souks, in the streets, in the sheets…NOT LIKE THAT…have you seen John Robshaw sheets?  If so, you get me.

Today I went for pillow inspiration with John.  I have a thing about pillows.  They make me happy.  They bring the “thing” to furniture and bedding.  Here are two of my favorite pillows I found today.  They are both from the Messy Blockprint collection.  I could put them on that Jonathan Adler chair and be quite satisfied.

I could also put Jonathan Adler’s Bargello pillow on that chair and be quite satisfied….It’s my favorite JA pillow!

I hope you have colorful places to turn for inspiration when you’re feeling a bit “under the inspiration”.  If not, well, you can borrow mine any time!  There’s room for all of us.

Have a great day!

Wednesday Words No. 2

This week has gone so fast!  I almost forgot it was time for Wednesday Words.

Here are some fun “word” products and art to entertain and inspire.

Leave it to a creative from Brooklyn to create The Google Pillow collection inspired by the top Google searches.  I think this pillow is hilarious!  There is a pillow for each year, beginning in 2006 (shown above is 2010).   It’s like a time capsule on a pillow. You can see them all at the elastic co Etsy store. (I NEVER thought I’d have the words “Justin Bieber” on my blog! My niece is going to think I’m SO COOL.)

I love this letterpress poster from Roll & Tumble Press.  It makes me smile…as do the old cameras!  It could be on this photographer’s art wish list very soon.

If this isn’t how I’ve been feeling in the snowy, cold environs of NYC I don’t know what is!  The silk screen poster from Slide Sideways brings shine and inspiration today.

I’ve seen these fun vinyl wall art and decals before.  I think they are a lot of fun and a great way to decorate with words.  Instead of “writing on the walls” like we did with chalkboard paint the other day, you can  Right on the Walls with these decals.

My most favorite has to be this beautiful colorful front door! I could find lots of Peace, Love and Joy if I had that front entrance!

That’s all for our Wednesday Words.  What words would you like to use to add a little personal design to your house?  Me…

Happy Wednesday!

Colorful Workspaces

It’s no secret I love color.  It’s what this whole blog is about basically.  But, I have a confession to make.  My workspace is drastically lacking in color!  I keep thinking I’ll do something about it.  Paint a dramatic color on the wall, buy some fun bookshelves and paint each shelf a different color or line the back of the shelves with different colors and patterns of wallpaper, and get some fun desk accessories.  But, I’m still “waiting” on something to motivate me and dreaming of what it “could be”.

The other day I saw some inspiring pictures of creative and color offices and it re-awakened my vision of “working with color”.  How fun would it be to work for these companies and spend your day in these offices?

Hyves, Holland

I think this is the lobby.  Coming to work every day and seeing a burst of blue and orange could never be a bad thing!

Spiral!  Oh, spirals!

WHAT?  Is this a lunch room?  An art room?  Whatever it is, LET ME IN!!  These circular lamps make me want to jump right in!

The stairwell…well, I’ve got 1/2 color love and 1/2 photographer envy going on.  I LOVE taking fun pictures of stairs!



Here’s a fun example of a colorful office you could have in your home.  I love the art on the walls.  You could make your own with markers or pastels. I know because when I’m not taking pictures, I’ve been experimenting with pastels and have made some of these square on square shapes.  The bookshelf with the lunch boxes is GENIUS!  A practical storage solution and color CUTE!!  If this were my office they would be filled with camera gear, crayons, markers, paint brushes, and pastels.  I’d work in here any day, all day!  I’d only change one thing (come back Thursday to see what).

Lonny Magazine

This is what it looks like to work in the Lilly Pulitzer studio.  Pink, paint, textiles…I think I’ll submit my resume tomorrow!!

Rue Mag

Lifestyle expert Kelley Moore’s offices look amazing also.  A loft, color, brick walls, chandeliers?  Maybe I should send a resume here too.   Delicious!

I could go on, but I’ll stop here.  You probably need to get to work. If your office isn’t quite as creative and colorful as these, it’s OK.  You aren’t alone.  But you can grab some markers or pastels and put your OWN color to work for you.  After all, creativity is for EVERYONE!  And so, I say, is COLOR!

Wednesday I’m launching a new “theme day” and Thursday I have some great office accessories to share, colorful ones of course, that will also add some color to your work space.  Come back and check them out!

Feeling Blue?

I love the color BLUE.  I always have. When I was young my bedroom had BLUE walls. I had comforters and pillows of BLUE.  It was all BLUE…except for the pink reclining chair I sat in to do my homework and watch baseball (hour after hour).

BLUE, any shade, is a color that makes me smile.  It gives me a burst of energy.  It excites me.  Maybe not surprising given that the color BLUE is often used to awaken artistic expression and inspiration.  Well, I’m here to say it works!

Let’s get inspired with some BLUE!  Here are my favorite BLUE inspirations from the last few weeks.

casa sugar

Love the orange and turquoise and the tree on the wall.  What a great headboard substitute!

casa sugar

You can just move those chairs and that couch right into my living room, thank you!

To Resolve Project

I LOVE the To Resolve Project.  Creatives illustrating their New Years Resolutions.  And what’s even better, they are available for download onto your iPhone.  If one catches your eye or fits your resolution give it a try!


I’d like to sit in this room and read my blogs and emails tomorrow morning (but I’d probably end up staring at the painting and the chandelier all day).  What would you do in this room?

10 Rooms

WAIT!  Really?  Check out this dipped furniture.  How FUN is this.  I want to try this NOW!  What can you “dip”?


I had an idea in December to make a cute ruffle skirt for a chair slipcover I have that needs a little personality.  I LOVE how it was done on this chair.  It inspires me even more to dress up my chair SOON!

I met artist John Murphy this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea.  His frames are beautiful!  They are made of resin and are sturdy and VERY colorful.  Shown is a great grey/blue color but there are lights, brights, neutrals.  Check them out!

I recently purchased this print from the talented Whitney Ferre.  Something got me the moment I saw it on her blog, Creatively Fit, and I had to have it.  I’m not sure  if it was my new “blue” shade or if it was something magical about this angel that spoke to me.  Whatever it was, she’s mine now and will be framed and hanging soon to soothe me with color.

I have a free gift for you today.  I’m giving you some of my own COLOR.

melissaAnne COLORS - Reflection Colors Collection Image

Take a little BLUE inspiration with you on the go today!  Use the above melissaAnne COLORS Photography Collection image, part of the Reflection Colors Collection, as a background on your cell phone (formatted for iPhone).  Simply right click on the photo above and save on your computer.  Sync or email to your phone and select as your wallpaper.

The Reflection Colors image used above is a blue boat reflecting on the water at dawn.  It was taken at Vineyard Haven Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard.  Create and INSPIRE with BLUE today!

Have a great Monday!  I hope you feel BLUE all day!

Paris Is Calling….But Why?

Paris has been showing up for me this week.  I don’t know why.  It’s just there.  In little thoughts, signs, and messages.

I don’t believe in coincidences.  I prefer to see these moments more as synchronicity, messages, maps, universal guidance.

It started during my Tuesday Brooklyn Snow Play.  I saw a great piece of Brooklyn ironwork on a Brownstone and as I leaned down to capture it with my camera I remember thinking:  Paris, this reminds me of Paris.

Then there were the pictures I took of a French Bulldog romping in the snow.  So cute!…and French.

Yesterday I was on Twitter and again Paris seemed to be everywhere.  I decided to just take a little tour.  Maybe there I’d find some reasoning.  After all, you can find everything else on Twitter, so why not reasoning.

It’s Friday!  Off we go to Paris!!

First we’ll stop by Ladurée over on the Twig and Thistle blog.  What a way to start the day!

I’ve actually never had a macaroon.  My friend Diane says I haven’t lived yet?

Meet you here again tomorrow?

Of course we must do some shopping while in Paris. Perrin Paris via Harper’s Bazaar to check out the new Ball Bag.  This is my favorite.  I’m pretty sure we ALL need to take one of these home as a souvenir of our trip.

RIVA Croc Ball Bag in Taupe

Oh, and I found a pair of gloves also.  Perfect for keeping the fingers loose for the perfect photo moments we’ll have in Paris.

Next, afternoon tea at the Chanel apartment with Kerri over at houzz.
Living Room  living room

I love the painting above the couch.

Then we’ll take to the stairs…who wouldn’t want to take to these stairs??

Stair Detail contemporary staircase

We will close out our trip with my FAVORITE Paris moment from weeks ago with Habitually Chic.  I had to reach way back into the archives to re-discover THIS room and THAT couch!  I can’t believe I remembered this…on second thought….how can I ever forget this couch?!?!?

Synchronicity and messages:  As I wrote this blog I was reminded of a goal I set a few years ago that involved Paris.  It related to something I realized recently I’ve been avoiding. I’ll keep reading the messages and see where it ends.

For now, please, have a seat on the blue couch.

If you’ve been getting messages and decide to take a “trip” somewhere fun to explore them my “passport” is ready and I pack quickly.