Honoring Brave Color!

Sometimes I feel like there are people you are supposed to meet. That’s me and Elizabeth Cassidy. Elizabeth’s COLOR and humor inspires me daily and today I wanted to share someone else’s Color & Inspiration. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Elizabeth is a Creativity Coach, Writer, and Artist. She took my Doodle program last Summer on a whim after we met at a conference, and really I think she did it to be supportive of me…that’s who Elizabeth is. She went to art school but going into the Doodle had not drawn in years. I remember the original discomfort of sharing her drawings with our group.

Now, Elizabeth draws daily, is embracing her artist talents, and just entered her FIRST call for art for a local museum. The pastel drawings you see here are among the 5 she submitted!

I LOVE Elizabeth’s art & use of color and wanted to share her and her inspiring story and honor her BIG brave step forward in sharing her art and color with others.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for allowing me to be the first to share your entries! We are honored! And, thank you for always being an inspiration to me and adding YOUR color so bravely to this world.

You have all inspired me this week with your support and kind words. Thank YOU for coloring MY world!

See you next week!


A “Silky” Sunset?

As I was editing that most colorful sunset I shared with you yesterday, I felt my head turn slightly to the left…repeatedly…until I got the message. Horizontal! And then, Pillow!


Sunset: Kirkland Waterfront


How would you like that coloring your sofa or bed in a beautiful silk pillow? Color from nature “painting” your home decor. Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just a “tilt of the head”.

Look at something differently today. Maybe a challenge? A question? The way you’ve always “done it” or “used it”…maybe you’ll find some silky color…or something even more exciting.

Oh, and I ordered silk swatches to test out “the tilt” inspiration.

Don’t just tilt. Do.

Sunset Color Inspiration

My camera and I are getting reacquainted after a bit of a hiatus. Yes, that’s a kind and gentle way of telling myself I’ve been stuck.

Nothing like the lure of the water and a beautiful sunset to remind me of what I love and inspire me to sit down and fill your “cup of color”, which I also love.


Sunset at Kirkland Waterfront
We should “fill up” more often.

“Color” you soon!


What Touches and Inspires You?


A link to the bulletproof musician blog was posted on my Facebook Page this week.

I enjoyed reading the post about “Why It’s Better to Be Better Than Different” and thought about Dr. NOA KAGEYAMA’s comments:


“Take a moment to think about the things that touch and inspire you…Consider how you might then take these elements and create something memorable of your own, something uniquely you, requiring the unique blend of talents, experiences, and perspectives that of the 6.93 billion or so people in the world, only you can bring to the table in quite that way – where transcendence, beauty, and emotion is the target, rather than novelty or originality per se. Something that you are proud of, tickled pink about, can’t wait to tell the entire world about – and not because it’s “perfect” per se, but because you think it’s just so darn cool and can’t imagine a world without it.”


For me, the thing that touches and inspires me is COLOR! Using it in my own unique way.  Communicating through it.  Telling stories from it.  Finding beauty in the unexpected because of it.  And maybe…just maybe…changing the world (or at least a few people) by sharing it my own way.  My hope is that my journey and my voice will inspire you to share whatever touches and inspires you.  And that you, too, will find a way to put YOUR “color” into the world in YOUR own unique way.

I can’t imagine a world without THAT!


Matteo Negrin’s Inspiration

Take a few minutes to watch the Music Painting video from the post.  It is beautiful and inspiring!


Another example of coloring (and “playing”) out LOUD!  A great message and very creative way of communicating it.

Comment below and let me know what inspires you and how you share it in your unique way. I want to know!



Doodle Lesson – Questions

In the journey of life there are lots of questions that arise.

Big ones…

Little ones…

All important in the path we are creating.

When we find the answers to those big questions, the perfect fit that fills the space and feels just right, the questions become works of art.

Question As Art in oil pastels and colored pencil

A treasured lesson.  A reminder of our courage and perseverance.  A trophy of accomplishment.

Something worthy of hanging on our “wall”.