“Moving” Through Spring

I’m woefully behind in photo downloads and edits…which means the color emails have been woefully absent.

Our world without color is so woefully WRONG!

Woe no more! I have some color to infuse into your day!!

Spring in Washington means one big awesome thing to me…

Tulip Farms!!!!

Here’s a fun photo from a day spent at the tulip farms.


I love all the colors in the tulip fields! There is something so magical about the rows and rows of color and shape. With my little “twist” the lines and color gradients take on a whole new feel.

Don’t you just want to dive into the color and float around for a while?

Here’s what it looks like to “dive into” the fields and stand amid the petals.


Beautiful life moments and experiences I treasure.

Remember the tulips next Spring and come visit for your own moments!

Color On,

Wednesday COLOR

Sharing some quick color to help us all through this Wednesday. My fingers are too cold to “think”. So here we go…

I captured this little beauty while in Annapolis a few months ago.


That yellow and gold looks so warm and inviting doesn’t it…

Museum & Memories…From “Muck”

Some people go to exotic places to create art…me, I sneak around dirty boat yards and find pleasure and creativity in things like mud and algae.


Today’s image represents this well, a little mud build up on the bottom of a boat in La Conner (someday I will edit pictures taken other places, I promise!). The image doesn’t quite give my usual color pop, but I love it nonetheless. Mostly I love it because it reminds me of a visit to the Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma with two of my nieces. It’s a lovely museum and perfect size for a quick creativity visit with little people (and big) who have short attention spans for such things.

We made a game out of our visit, identifying several categories to pick our favorite works of art; color, animal, etc. One of our favorites was a painting of a tulip without petals, done in a deep black. It was rather abstract but we loved it!

Today’s photo reminds me of that painting…and those two very special people. Can you see the stem and center of the tulip that lost its petals?

Funny, I just realized I took this photo the weekend I went to the tulip festival. I’m sure many of those tulips ended up looking much like this.

Their colorful memory still lodged in my mind also.

Here’s to making memories and to finding them unexpectedly while writing “on the run”!