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Signature Leather Bookmarks – Modern Coastal Collection


I’ve been moving away from digital books more and more. I’m returning to the feel of the pages as they turn and notes in the margin. Books of poetry and philosophy opened to random pages to begin the day. Pages bookmarked to return to later in the day, a reminder or a check-in. Now you can keep your place in your favorite page-turner, poetry or wisdom-building books with these stunning leather bookmarks.


Modern Coastal The Signature – The Signature is my brand image and one of the first photos I took when I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011. The image is a limited release.



Your bookmark is handcrafted and hand stitched with 2 pieces of beautiful Nappa leather with a the Signature Modern Coastal Collection image on one side and a light blue leather back. Signature is the brand image for melissa anne COLORS and is only available on a limited number of designs to color life items. Get yours today!

  • Bookmark dimentions: 1.96″ x 7.08″


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