Sense Of Mind™ “Unfocus” Creative Exploration ~ New Workshop Coming Soon!


The Sense Of Mind™ + Muse™ mindfulness meditation practice trains your brain to concentrate, focus and be more fully present. The benefits expand to your productivity and performance, stress management, emotional intelligence and inter-personal relationships. It’s a highly valuable skill and one we need to practice and cultivate in our culture of multi-tasking and technology notifications that continually distract us and put a strain on our nervous systems. However, too much focus and concentration can result in tunnel vision, fatigue and even burnout. The goal of Sense Of Mind™ “Unfocus” Creative Exploration is to balance your ability to focus with your ability to “unfocus” and productively daydream, imagine and innovate.

Ready to be more innovative?

Want to improve your problem solving skills?

Looking for more creative thinking superpowers?

It’s time to “Unfocus!”

“It’s important to be focused, but also it’s really important to realize that focus will basically take you metaphorically through the roads of your mind. It’s unfocus that will actually help you explore the fields of your mind.” ~Srini Pillay 


I use my signature creative expression techniques to help you open your mind to imagination and story. You will let go of judgement, fear and expectations around your creative “voice.” As you become comfortable with the process, we move into activities that allow you to explore, free associate and open your mind to new ways of thinking, interpreting and seeing.

That’s what innovation, creative thinking and problem solving really is!


Each week you will receive a Sense Of Mind™ “Unfocus” Creative Exploration email containing information on the value of incorporating “Unfocus” into your daily routine and weekly activities and mindful inspiration to work on throughout the week.

You will have access to a private Facebook group with other “Unfocus” workshop participants to share stories, inspiration and information.

I’ll be there with you along your “Unfocus” journey to encourage you to get off the path and wander into your mind. Together we will use your “Unfocus” practice to move beyond focus and step out onto a new path.


An “Unfocus” Journal

This can be anything! Use a notebook, a journal (lined or unlined) or an artist sketch pad!

Drawing Tools

Gather some crayons, markers, colored pencils or oil pastels. You choose! I love oils pastels because you can get your hands “dirty” and bring your visual and touch senses together. Start with what’s easiest and my guess is you’ll be visiting an art store (or raiding your child’s art closet) by week 2!

Not sure where to begin? Here are some great resources (*affiiate links*).

Daily, Dedicated Unfocus Time

I know, I know. You are busy! You don’t have time for frivolity.

Your brain is not frivolity. Think of this as gym time for your brain. It’s just as important as the rest of your body after all and it needs cross training too. Start small if you need to, even 5 minutes in your day. We’ll work on building to brain-benefiting 20 minute “Unfocus” breaks.

An Open, Willing Mind

You don’t have to label yourself as a “creative” to benefit from this program. In fact, you may benefit more and discover more if you don’t. This isn’t an art class, I’m not going to teach your how to create art or draw, although we will use a fun drawing technique to access your “Unfocus.” Nervous? Unsure of this? GREAT! That means you need to jump in with BOTH feet!



You want to discover new ways to unwind, de-stress and take a break from laser focus.

You want to increase your ability to think creatively.

You need a new way to solve problems and unleash ideas.

You want to be more resilient when life (or just any given day) “knocks you down.”

You are a builder, entrepreneur or creative and you want to go way beyond the traditional and see things in DIFFERENT ways?

You are enrolled in a Sense Of Mind™ + Muse™ program and want to build the flexibility to move your mind from Focus to “Unfocus” for maximum mental performance in every situation.

You, yes YOU, should get “Unfocus.”



What would it feel like to have ultimate performance control over your mind? To be able to focus productively when you need to…and “unfocus” productively when you need to? Would you like to be able to go “head down” on a project with mindful awareness of when fatigue and roadblocks begin to appear and then have a way to work through it for ultimate innovation, creative thinking and problem solving? 

Combine my Muse™ Meditation program with my “Unfocus” program and you’ll get just that! Learn to develop the skills to access and balance your “unfocus” and focus time for ultimate productivity and performance.  

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