Goal Setting Does Not Have To Be A Rigid, Left Brain Experience

When you think of goal setting do you get anxious, feeling as though there are too many layers? Do all the “boxes” feel a bit too rigid and suffocating? Do you struggle with it all?

Some people love the structure and mental process of goal setting. For others, it’s stressful, overwhelming and avoided at all costs.

Planning Your Future Can Be Fun, Rewarding & A Creative Adventure

Do you want to get more FOCUSED on your future and what you want to achieve in 2018? Are you ready to UNFOCUS with crayons, markers and a little fairy tale visioning?

Even if you love the structure of traditional goal planning, join me for a special program to jumpstart your mind for unexpected innovation and creative problem solving to push you into unexpected areas of action for rewarding growth and achievement.



In this unique goal-setting program you will go beyond the rigid box. You’ll integrate Focus + “Unfocus” practices to tap into innovation, creative thinking and your unique problem solving abilities and uncover previously undiscovered strategies and ideas to reach your goals.


Settle into a place of FOCUSED awareness on what you want to achieve in life or business.

Set your GOALS.

Pick someone to make 120% happier at the end of your GOAL achievement timeline, using the energy of altruism to eliminates the influence of self-interest and self-sabotage.

“UNFOCUS” your mind and enter into a place of imagination and play as you become a creative storyteller. 

Engage your “UNFOCUS” mind to play with special clues in your story through symbolism and word association to uncover new ideas and inspired actions to meet your GOALS.

FOCUS on possibilities and next steps.


Sense Of Mind™ Focus + “Unfocus” + Goals incorporates mindfulness meditation, my signature creative drawing exercises and visualization activities with a program called Future Mapping.

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Sense Of Mind™ Focus + “Unfocus” + Goals Workshops are available for private 1-1 sessions or private group sessions. Tired of taking your professional teams through boring goal setting activities? Contact me for more information.

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Louise Rose, Portland

Naturopath / Rose Cabinet Medicine

For our Future Mapping Workshop Melissa deftly lead our group (a disparate group of folks with wildly different professions, goals and aspirations) through the future mapping process which was new to all of us. I felt supported and guided through the entire process. Some highlights for me were the ways Melissa helped us access new ways of thinking: narrative, associative, creative, and sensory through color, image, scent, altruism… I could feel my brain open up which allowed me to make greater connections and see new possibilities. Plus it was just plain fun! I highly recommend this process for anyone with a growth mindset who is looking for a fun and creative new tool for their life toolkit!