Are you struggling with a high stress lifestyle?

Are you overwhelmed with work and life demands? Have email, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack…you get the picture…overtaken your nervous system with constant notifications and attention diversion?


Do you want to be more focused?

Do you struggle concentrating on the task at hand and accomplishing work goals, personal goals or family to-do’s? Do you feel like life is running you and somehow you are just floating through on auto-pilot, not really sure where you are going or how you are getting there?


Are your relationships suffering because you aren’t really “there?”

Do you spend time with friends and families distracted and focused on emails, texts and social media?


Have you lost your innovative edge?

Is your creative spark completely burned out? Do you struggle with new ideas? Do you want to have more innovative thinking? How would thinking more creatively and solving problems more effectively improve your career?


There is another way.

You can be less stressed, more present and flowing in a creative zone. It takes work, just like going to the gym, but it’s available to you and I can help you access it with my signature Sense Of Mind™ programs!


Essential Oils For Wellness


Focus Building Meditation


“Unfocus” Creative Exploration



Sense Of Mind™ is an innovative blend of sensory based wellness and performance building tools and programs. I’ve always been inspired by sensory experiences, whether through the colors captured in my photography or sophisticated flavors in the perfect plate of food. Over time I realized that these experiences also brought about a change in emotion and energy and could bring about joy, peace or innovative ways of “seeing” and thinking. As I embarked on a personal healing journey, sensory-based practices became a cornerstone in my wellness practice and continue today. As I healed and opened up and shared my journey, I began to realize that other people resonated with my practices and I began working with others. 


I am a doTERRA Essential Oil Advocate because I have experienced and believe in the physical and emotional healing power of these natural oils. Whether used before a Sense Of Mind™ Muse™ meditation to help calm my mind and body, integrated into a creativity workshop to release fear and judgement from those who have the “I’m not creative” story looping in their head, applied to soothe the respiratory system during colds and flu or “shutting off” the mind and relaxing the body for a better night’s sleep. Essential oils make aromatherapy easy, fun and effective.

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I have used a variety of meditation techniques over the years, feeling most comfortable with guided visualization exercises. I tried Breathe Awareness and meditations that were supposed to “quiet” my mind but I never really knew what I was supposed to be doing. I never knew if I was doing it “right” and I never knew if it was “working.” What I did know (and realize even more now) is that my professional and personal lifestyle of multi-task and constant technology interruptions was doing a number on my nervous system and my brain!

When I discovered the Muse™ Meditation Headband everything changed. Suddenly I had a sensory component providing real-time feedback to what was actually happening in my mind when I was meditating. I learned to truly meditate and I saw my focus and attention improve during meditation and beyond. I was more present in my work, my relationships and simple things like reading which mean I had improved connections and comprehension. My exclusive Sense Of Mind™ + Muse™ 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation program builds your meditation and mindfulness practice and supports focus and awareness…of self and others.

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My creative journey began with my Fine Art Photography back in 2007. In 2010 I did my first Mindful Coloring Online Workshop with about 80 participants who were ready to embrace a new creative energy and outlet. Over the years my creativity workshops have grown and morphed, but consistently focused on a practice to build creative thinking, mindful connection and sensory activation. When I began meditating I knew there was a strong connection between my practice on the “cushion” and on the “page.”

These programs have now come together to build solid performance in Focus Awareness and “Unfocus” Awareness. What is “Unfocus?” It’s just that! Taking time to let go of focus. To step away from the pressure and limited vision of what’s “in front of you” and let the mind wander, play, innovate and stretch…but in a productive and intentional way. Taking time to “Unfocus” can lead to new ideas, new perspectives, innovative solutions to problems and so much more. 

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