Water Painting

The Water Painting Collection are images created from bold reflections on water. The original collection to feature my Impressionist Photography style, these images are traditionally taken during the golden hour when the magical light from the rising or setting sun creates longer shadows. When near water, these longer shadows create colorful reflections. I still remember the first time I created an image like this. It was this magical moment of creating an image that portrayed how I feel about water and color. It was years later that someone described my photography as Impressionist and the pieces fell together. These images were, in fact, creating the mood that Impressionist art is known for: using spots of color to show the effects of different kinds of light and an attempt to capture the feeling of a scene rather than specific details.

melissaAnne Colors Water Painting Photography Collection on fine art paper brings sophisticated quality and modern, colorful designs to your interior. Don’t just look at the water…FEEL it!

melissaAnne Colors Abstract Photography Water Painting Collection bring sophisticated quality and modern, colorful designs to your interiors. When the light is right, nature paints on water.

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