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I spent 15 years in a stressful, always on, constant fight or flight adrenaline-depleting crisis management career. I worked with major travel and hospitality companies, financial organizations and the US Government to prepare for and respond to some of the largest mass casualty events of our time. I dedicated my life and my energy to helping others. My phone was forever at my side, or in my ear, and I was always available to those who needed me. The problem, though, was that I was never available to me.


I worked on overdrive! I never stropped.


I rarely took time to connect with my mind and my body and really tune in to what the emotions and the constancy was doing inside. Until, of course, I had no choice. Until I woke up one day, in what felt like a never-ending cycle of dragging my numb body out of bed and numbly dragging it through the day, and heard a voice screaming in my head. “You have to stop this. Nothing good can come from this.” So I stopped. Completely.


I stopped by taking an extended health sabbatical.


I quit my job. I declared an end to my career in crisis management and the purpose I’d chased to “save the world” and found a new purpose: TO SAVE ME!  Along the way I explored energy healing, mindfulness and meditation to combat the fatigue and PTSD I was now fully experiencing after years of stuffing emotions and trauma. I got in touch with my thoughts and emotions through mindfulness and meditation and began building a new relationship with my emotional body and learning to manage the triggers that are hard to avoid in the world we live in.


But, I continued to struggle with event-triggered anxiety and on-going fatigue. Then essential oils came into my life. It was one of those unexpected moments when you discover something you know was meant to be.


Like finding a secret key and turning the lock on the door only to find a brighter, more exciting and adventurous world waiting for you on the other side.


For me, the adventure was an evolution beyond mindfulness and my emotional body relationship and a step into engaging and connecting with my physical body. A body I’d ignored for so long because it was simply the vehicle that kept me moving through life. When I met the oils, I began to meet my body too. I started exploring what it was feeling, what it needed and how it felt to actually have a compassionate relationship with it. The oils have supported me in managing stress and anxiety and managing those unexpected health issues that pop up.


  • A 3 day cycle of topical Frankincense to get rid of a painful cyst.
  • Lemon in my diffuser after a few too many spirits at a holiday party.
  • Lavender to ease stress and anxiety or ease the inflammation from an allergic rash.
  • Balance and Peace as a companion for improving calm and focus during meditation and moments of anxiety.
  • On Guard on my feet during Winter’s cold and flu season and staying healthy while those around me get sick.


No more trips to the drug store. No more side-effects from medication. All the natural healing right from my oil collection. I’m hooked and the oils are an every day part of life for me and the exploration of the oils, my body mind and my health are a priority…and a gift.


Are you ready to get in touch with your mind? Your body? Your emotions? Your WELLNESS?


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