Are you on a journey to be more mindful and self-aware in 2017?

Do you want to be more resilient? More adventurous? Bolder and more courageous?

Would you like to think more creatively and experience better problem solving skills?

Do you desire less stress and more quiet?

My Coloring Out Loud© workshops give you an opportunity to discover a path of mindful adventure, colorful expression and self-discovery in a unique and authentic way.

 Mermaid Doodle


I discovered the amazing benefits of a “Doodle” routine about 6 years ago.

I refer to it as Doodling because my goal, your goal in my workshops, is not to become an artist. My goal is to authentically express the voice that comes from within. Unlike traditional Doodle activities, it’s not happening while I’m processing information coming in, like while I’m on the phone or in a meeting. I’m refocusing my senses and processing information coming out of my own unique expression.

It is an adventure that continuously brings about transformation, listening and mindful connections as I wander the path of color and inner discovery.

Doodling as a mindful energy practice plays a big part in self-discovery, resilience, stress management and boldly overcoming fear and judgement.

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Online Creativity Workshops

It’s Not About The Art, It’s About YOU!

During my most difficult life experiences, I’ve learned to use Doodling to release stress and negative energy, quiet my mind so I could listen to what was really going on inside and gain confidence in my expression. I have worked with clients for over 6 years and have seen amazing growth through the simple act of mindful coloring in a journal. 

I’ve taken the lessons learned from years of personal Doodling and facilitating my online Coloring Out Loud programs, mixed it with my unique abstract photography style and unusual way of looking at the world around me and integrated studies in color energy and mindfulness practices to create programs that take participants through an authentic experience!  


It is a journey in embracing our strengths and tackling our challenges.  It quiets the mind in a way that allows us to listen deeper and uncover clues and inspiration in the unique expression that emerges.



Why Should You Sign Up?

Do you want to discover new ways to unwind, de-stress, and get centered and present in your day?

Do you want to tap into your imagination and learn to think more creatively?

Are you ready to solve problems in new ways and unleash new ideas?

Would you like to be more resilient when life (or just any given day) “knocks you down”?

Is it time to discover things you haven’t seen before? Or see the same things in DIFFERENT ways?

Would you like to understand your authentic self better? Others?

Do you need to boost your confidence and stop holding back your ideas, gifts, voice?

Are you a creative looking for ways to S T R E T C H your creative muscles in a new way for some dynamic creative cross training?

Are you coloring in adult coloring books but want more? Are you tired of coloring in someone else’s lines and ready to make your own? 

Do you get anxious when you hear the word creativity? Do you think you can’t do this because you are telling yourself “I can’t draw?” {YOU are in the right place. Trust me on this. I was right there with you when I started.}

My online adult Coloring & Creativity Workshops give you tools to access all of that in a fresh, colorFULL and inspiring way.

We use authentic Doodle tendencies and a unique soul drawing technique that is hidden inside EVERYONE to help you create unique and inspiring expressions of self discovery and mindful connection.




Put your coloring books aside and step into a journey in self-discovery and individual expression. 

If you are indulging in adult coloring books, these workshops are an opportunity to get OUTSIDE THE LINES and go beyond the coloring pages. If you want to boldly elevate your coloring time for increased self-awareness and opportunities for personal growth sign up today and start creating YOUR unique color story. 


Whether you want to dig deeper into self-awareness, improve your creative thinking skills or connect with your inner wisdom through mindful, creative meditation there is a Coloring Out Loud© workshop to inspire your new adventure!

Get started on your path by joining a Coloring Out Loud© Workshop below!


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What Else Do I Need To Know?

What Do I Get When I Sign Up For a Workshop?

  • Weekly emails containing your lessons, Doodle assignments and creative inspiration.
  • Access to a wonderfully supportive private Facebook group with other workshop participants.
  • Support from me throughout the program to help you grow your creativity and draw your way to your unique color story.
  • An eBook at the end of the workshop so you can refer back to lessons and resources.

What You I Need To Get Started?

  • A journal. This can be anything! Use a notebook, a journal (lined or unlined), an artist sketch pad – – whatever makes you feel safe, creative, and special! I’ll admit that I’m a journal junkie in all areas of my life but I have special journals for my Doodles. After all, this is going to become your sacred place for your powerful, creatively inspired color story to evolve. Give it a home that makes you feel special and inspired!
  • Something to COLOR with. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, watercolor pens/pencils. You choose! Start with what’s easiest and my guess is you’ll be visiting an art store (or raiding your child’s art closet) by week 3!
  • Dedicated quiet time just for you every day. I know for many that may be hard to do but even if it’s 5 minutes a day it’s enough to get you started! I’ve colored in coffee shops, subways and on the banks of a river during a road trip. Some of my best Doodles come when I’m outside of my “normal” environment. 


Take a look inside my Creative Doodle Journal 5 year evolution in the slideshow below. Start creating your Doodle story TODAY!

My Creative Story

View on FlowVella

Lori Fields

Life Coach

Loving your Doodles.  They are authentic and inspiring.  Thanks for having the courage to be uniquely and bravely YOU.

Elizabeth Cassidy

Writer & Artist

This has been freeing me up and I am even showing these to my husband and I think he knows that I am loving bringing my artist out again.


I actually use the Doodle to get my morning pages started...seems to take me to a thought path quicker or perhaps just more clearer.  In any case, combining the two is really powerful.

Beth Perlman Bracaglia

Owner / Simply Organized

The Doodle Challenge has helped me to be more creative and see a side of myself that is not usually artistic. I began using crayons & markers, and now I've pulled out glitter and other scrapbooking supplies that I hadn't used in years!   Thank you Melissa for this challenge and in helping me to express myself more visually! I have also connected more with my intuition through this challenge, and it is moving me forward in my writing process.

Melanie Rivers

I’m a very organized, planned person who works hard and has trouble letting my mind rest sometimes. My husband has encouraged me to have a creative outlet for years but I’ve feared “art”. I decided to take the 30 day challenge because it was only 30 days and it wasn’t a large investment of time or money. I’m so glad that I did. Once I worked through the fear and let go into doodling, I found healing moments, relaxation, and support and insights from the group. Now, I look forward to my daily doodle and miss it when I don’t. The group encouraged me without judgement and I look forward to the daily conversations with the group.


About My Online Adult Coloring & Creativity Workshops

I started my Creative Doodling program back in 2009 and it launched an amazing journey to find a new creative voice and story through art. As a young person I lost “myself”. Somewhere along the line, like many people I know and meet, my creative soul was pushed down and hidden somewhere deep inside.  I believe that it contributed to me “losing” my voice and part of my identity. Thankfully it wasn’t lost forever! Navigating through a career in crisis management and heavy stress I discovered the mindful, self-care of coloring in an art journal. This was long before we had adult coloring books.
As my journey evolved, I became a Creatively Fit Coach and during the program I shared images of my art journal pages on Facebook and shared my journal with close friends. It was SCARY because I never considered myself an artist. I also shared the lessons I was learning about myself through the process.

When I shared people listened…and learned!  

Some people even started Doodling with me.  I was inspired by this newly discovered creative voice and courage and the effect it had on people so I created a 30 Day Doodle Challenge.  In the first month, 75 people signed up to Doodle! We all started small with simple Doodles.  But big changes occurred inside and outside our journals as the months and the Doodles went by.
Participants evolved in so many ways! One returned to a college dream of being an artist and expanded her skill and courage to be a full-time visual artist. Someone illustrated their own children’s book.  A participant quit her job and went back to school for a Masters Degree. Me? Well, I made some big life decisions and moved across the country!
Fast forward a few years and burnout from a hight stress career and a serious physical toll led me down a path of mindful practice, the Doodle programs have evolved from simple “art play” to a valuable mindfulness practice that has mental and physical health rewards and integrates many principles of color energy and mindful meditation in easy and fun ways.  It is truly a gift for me that I have been able to connect Doodles and color with personal growth, discovery, and mindful health in such a fun way.  And, it’s an even bigger gift and honor to teach others how they can too!

That’s what my Coloring Out Loud© Online Workshops are all about! Start coloring…or start evolving your coloring…TODAY!

Experience My Creativity Workshops with a 10 Day Creativity e-Course, Now Only $11.99

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