Love Letter To Amsterdam

Love Letter To Amsterdam – Farewell

Love Letter To Amsterdam – Farewell…for now…

January 9, 2016

My Dearest Amsterdam,

I woke under the cover of darkness this morning with a knot in my belly and a sadness in my soul. The time has come. I must leave you.

Love Letter To Amsterdam

As I say my final farewell, I can hardly see your through the tears but I am grateful for the time we had together. I will always remember these moments, so special. Not only did I fall more deeply in love with you, but others developed a crush on you as well. You, my dearest Amsterdam, allowed me to feel my love and pass it on.

Thank you to all I met, to all I experienced, to all I felt, to all I learned to, to all I COLORED and to all who joined me and LOVED with me.

Love Always,


PS – I’ll be back. I just KNOW it! Vaarwel & tot gauw




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Love Letter To Amsterdam

Love Letter To Amsterdam – See Yourself

Love Letter To Amsterdam – See Yourself

January 7, 2016

My Dearest Amsterdam,

When the wind hushes and the water lies still, I love how you look at yourself “in the mirror.”

Love Letter To Amsterdam

You know don’t you? You see it in your own reflection, yes?

How beautiful you are.

How grand your architecture is.

How romantic your boats are.

I love you for knowing, dear Amsterdam, and looking.

Love always,





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Ushering In A New Year Amsterdam Style

After my very long day in Haarlem on the week spent ushering in a new year Amsterdam style (read about my adventures on the Day Trip To Haarlem post), Mr. Visserplein was my destination and the Portuguese Synagogue which opens for one night a year to the public with a bright and beautiful display of candles.  An hour wait in line was worth it for this spectacular scene.




Beautiful, serene, shiny, magical. Thank you Amsterdam!

Monday was a busy and active day so I decided Tuesday was a good day to take a little break, which I did at CT Coffee and Coconuts in De Pijp. Coffee and Coconuts is a very popular cafe in an old theatre. Three stories of seating at tables, sofas, cushions and a continuous line for a seat.

After I got mine, I relaxed without technology and had some comfort food in the form of hot cocoa and the Dutch version of avocado toast. This avo addict loves her avocado toasts from Ask For Janice in London and London Plane in Seattle._MG_7686




Now I have an avo love in Amsterdam. Perfect! World-wide addiction options.

Wednesday brought nice weather which I took FULL advantage of and did a little camera walk through neighborhoods in the East.




I got a little friendly with this blue and yellow beauty.




I love the diversity of the bridges over the canals!

New Years Eve day was spent quietly reflecting and doing a little shopping at one of favorite Dutch fashion spots, Laundry Industry…sans camera in honor of my SCREAMING shoulder who BEGGED me to give it a break for the day.  Peace be unto my body today!

And before you know it…it’s JANUARY 1st! And, what a January 1st it was! THE most beautiful light I could ever ask for kicked on 2016 as I welcomed the New Year Amsterdam style. I’m taking it as a message for a bright and creative year! Check out these light gifted reflections.










In addition to light and reflections, it was fun and funky to see all the “leftovers” from the party the night before. Amsterdam knows how to ring in the new year…I’m pretty sure my EARS are still ringing from all the fireworks explosions! New Years Amsterdam style!

This is what the streets looked like the next day (and still today)…

Love Letter To Amsterdam





That pretty much sums up every part of Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve: fireworks, streamers, popping corks, toasting the new year Amsterdam style. A party tradition!

Oh, and speaking of tradition, I got to partake in a SWEET one in the afternoon.


Oliebollen and Appelfrappen, the traditional Dutch New Year’s snack. Where I’m from we eat black-eyed peas. THIS is a better tradition! YUM!! New Year Amsterdam style!

And, to finish out the first day of 2016 on a musical, adorable, and colorful note, I happened upon this entertainer navigating canals and serenading all.


Watch a full serenade on my YouTube channel! It’s worth the click over! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Before I hang up my….shoes…


 for the day. My LAST indulgence of the week was Dutch apple pie at Winkel in the Noordermarkt.


I don’t even know how to describe this pie.  Part pie…part cake…all parts YUM! Stop by Winkel for pie!

Thanks for a great week 3, Amsterdam! I love you!!




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Love Letter To Amsterdam – Moutarde

Love Letter to Amsterdam – Moutarde

January 3, 2016

Mustard…gasp, grimace, NO THANK YOU!

My sister will support me on this. We aren’t fans of this condiment. It’s up there with our dislike of pickles.

Today I went to the Amsterdam Sunday Market West held every first Sunday in Westergasfabriek. The square if full of food vendors and the stalls continue indoors with more food and local artists.

I was smitten by the looks of the bread and scent of the grilled sausage at the French vendor, so I decided to stop for a snack.


“Sausage on sourdough or a stick?”

“Sourdough, please?”

“What kind of mustard?”

Uhm…my insides grimaced. I froze. I had a feeling not liking mustard and saying none would be highly inappropriate here. I asked about the three options available: Sweet, Spicy, or Original.  They all looked different. The original had a little of the yellow coloring I associate with mustard in the US. I wasn’t sure which way to go but I decided traditional, original was the way to go.

“Original please.”

The “sandwich dance ensued as he began to toast slices of bread.


Spread mustard on the bread while it was still on the grill. Oh, and mustard from a jar not a squeeze bottle so already we were headed in a better direction than the “mustard memories” of my youth.


Add a sliced sausage to the bread and mustard and it’s served up hot, crispy and ready to bite into!


It smelled divine! I took a bite. Slightly anxious by my Mustard Memories…

OH!  Mustard, who? French moutarde is where it’s at!

More please!

Love always,





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