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I don’t know if it’s the Winter blues or flu blues, but something has me down and out today.  I woke feeling a bit “colorless” and uninspired.

What to do?  Straight to the computer and Google Chrome transport to my favorite textile designers for some dream inspiration.

Angela Adams

I love her Ocean / Seaglass rug!  I love everything about it!  The color, the texture, the image.   It reminded me of my Reflection Colors photography collection and the soothing patterns and colors of the ocean waters.

I am a big fan of Angela Adams.  She’s one of my design heroes and I’d LOVE to work for her!  When I first saw her line I was smitten.  Reading how she describes her line on the about page, it all made perfect sense.  angela adams is a casual, modern, luxury brand representing an optimistic view of the world spoken through a language of color and pattern.

Color and pattern.  No wonder I love her designs so much.  I also LOVE that she has photographs of the actual inspiration behind each of her designs.  As a photographer who wants to design based on photos I find this so inspiring and validating.  Stop by and check out her website and beautiful designs.

Jonathan Adler

First off Jonathan Adler is hilarious!  I love his fun, colorful, and whimsical designs.  His personality shows so strong in his designs and I’m always inspired by the authenticity he shows.  My inspiration choice for today?

The Jonathan Adler Haines Chair in Flax.  Simple color.  Fantastic design.  I love the curves on this chair.  I could sit in it all day with a good book, my journal, and some hot cocoa!  It’s classic, yet quirky.  True Jonathan Adler style if you ask me.  I wouldn’t mind working for Jonathan Adler either, of course.  Only problem is I might have to wear Depends to work because I’d be laughing so hard…

John Robshaw

Oh…John Robshaw.  His designs are beautiful.  His colors are captivating.  His story is inspiring and when I met him at an Apartment Therapy Offline event he was so friendly and gracious.

His travels and photos are the stuff of my fantasies!  I’d like to follow him around for 6 months and take pictures in the Souks, in the streets, in the sheets…NOT LIKE THAT…have you seen John Robshaw sheets?  If so, you get me.

Today I went for pillow inspiration with John.  I have a thing about pillows.  They make me happy.  They bring the “thing” to furniture and bedding.  Here are two of my favorite pillows I found today.  They are both from the Messy Blockprint collection.  I could put them on that Jonathan Adler chair and be quite satisfied.

I could also put Jonathan Adler’s Bargello pillow on that chair and be quite satisfied….It’s my favorite JA pillow!

I hope you have colorful places to turn for inspiration when you’re feeling a bit “under the inspiration”.  If not, well, you can borrow mine any time!  There’s room for all of us.

Have a great day!

A Photographer’s Story – The Dance

There are times I see something unusual before I shoot an image.  Something abstract.  Something that creates a story in my mind that I can tell through my lens.

Today when I was out wading through 15″ of snowfall in Park Slope I found such an image.

I wanted to share the process.  In my words.  How the story began…and unfolded.

The story.

A story.  It called to me.  Begging to be told visually.  Like a writer would create with words.

A carefree, strong woman.  The solitary freedom of the early morning hour.

The elegance of a snowfall.  Beautiful clothing provided by mother nature.

Silent music.  A dance with nature.  A twirl.  Flowing. Joyful.  An expression of individuality and passion.

The Dance.

{The image is downloaded.  The story remains.  The story is untold.  The story evolves.}

The story evolves.

A carefree, strong woman. A precocious child.  Memories made in the early morning hour.

The elegance of a snowfall.  Special clothing provided by mother nature.  A day for dress up.

Silent music.  A dance for two.  A twirl.  Flowing.  Joyful.  A moment together.

A mother’s love.  A child’s play.  A shared dance.  An expression of togetherness.

A story.

“Shape Up” with melissaAnne COLORS Photography

I had an interesting morning.  (Which is why your MORNING cup of color has become your AFTERNOON cup of color.)

I usually wake up and write morning pages.  Well, today I woke up to bright sunshine (thank you to Alex the Wonder Cat for letting me wake after the sun!) and SNOW! Beautiful snow outside the window adorning the fire escape and perching treacherously along the cable TV lines that hang about the Brooklyn brownstone backyards like jewelry. I jumped up, fed Alex, grabbed my camera and switched to my 70-200mm zoom lens and away to the window I went. There was a beautiful reflection and the tree limbs and snow glowed bright gold.

After snapping a few shots I went about my ritual of morning pages, but had decided yesterday to mix it up a little today.  I’d not only write, but I’d draw!  I’d combine my morning pages with the tools for right brain serenity I’m learning from the Meet Your Artist Within program I’m doing over at Creatively Fit.  So I started my first drawing activity…I’ll spare you the results….Let’s just say I’m NOT really skilled in drawing.  But it’s OK, because that’s not the point.  The point is it’s fun and it’s connecting me to my creative source and I got a message from it.  Check out the course and you’ll see for yourself!  After drawing, I easily streamed out a few pages of written word, but something told me I wasn’t done.  So I scribbled.  You know…doodled!  This is where my doodles took me.

To circle land!  AAAAHHH!

When I finished I wanted MORE camera.  So I went back to the window and kept shooting.  Miraculously my morning shoot was all about shapes and I found lots of circles in the view from my window that I have NEVER noticed before!

My right-brain opened up and showed me the way today!  It was a GREAT way to start my day.

Here are some of my “Shape Up” shots.

Circles, circles…

and more circles!

And then, there were lines.

And some fun tree COLOR!

And THAT was my circular, linear, colorful morning…finally out to YOU in the afternoon.  Hey, creativity has its own schedule some days.  I’m learning to go with it.

Thanks for letting me share my own COLOR with you today through melissaAnne COLORS Photography.  Have a great weekend!  Find some color this weekend and I’ll see you Monday morning for more fun!

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