Color & Fun With Water

Blogging on the run (OK walk) again. It’s raining…again. How about a quick Friday color before my iPhone drowns…


I love the water and the way the light shines and sparkles off its movement at sunset. Today’s image is a little something I “painted” with my camera last week. The light yellow accents are courtesy of the sun on the horizon.

I see textile art…

Museum & Memories…From “Muck”

Some people go to exotic places to create art…me, I sneak around dirty boat yards and find pleasure and creativity in things like mud and algae.


Today’s image represents this well, a little mud build up on the bottom of a boat in La Conner (someday I will edit pictures taken other places, I promise!). The image doesn’t quite give my usual color pop, but I love it nonetheless. Mostly I love it because it reminds me of a visit to the Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma with two of my nieces. It’s a lovely museum and perfect size for a quick creativity visit with little people (and big) who have short attention spans for such things.

We made a game out of our visit, identifying several categories to pick our favorite works of art; color, animal, etc. One of our favorites was a painting of a tulip without petals, done in a deep black. It was rather abstract but we loved it!

Today’s photo reminds me of that painting…and those two very special people. Can you see the stem and center of the tulip that lost its petals?

Funny, I just realized I took this photo the weekend I went to the tulip festival. I’m sure many of those tulips ended up looking much like this.

Their colorful memory still lodged in my mind also.

Here’s to making memories and to finding them unexpectedly while writing “on the run”!


Red Dancer

There seems to be a red color theme running through my life these days.

Red = Love & Passion

Never bad things to have hanging out in your corner.

Today’s Color is full of red/orange energy. I see someone dancing in its shapes & textures.


I hope you have something you love and are passionate about that makes you feel like dancing!

Let’s celebrate that today and hit the dance floor…


I’m Just Painting…

Grey…rainy…I need COLOR! Let’s go down to the docks…

One of my new favorite pleasures is to spontaneously jump in the car around 8:30 and head to the Kirkland Waterfront for some quality time on the docks with my camera and a sunset.


I can spend hours there playing with the light and the water and talking to the passerby who wonders exactly what it is I’m doing…

I’m just “painting”

Whatever You Are….

Walking to work today I saw several dogs out on their morning walk, doing what dogs do; wagging tails and bouncing along excitedly.

In today’s Color image I see a fish, doing its thing. Swimming in the crystal blue water.


New Water Colors Image From La Conner

Or is it a butterfly, flying in the beautiful blue sky.

I guess the day’s message is whatever you are, do your thing (preferably with your tail wagging and a bounce in your step!).

Happy Monday!


PS…I made every walk sign this morning. You are all good luck! I have reached my destination just in time to push “publish”.

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