Do The Doodle! 30 Day Challenge


I’m kicking off the 30 Day Doodle Challenge!!

“The WHAT?”

30 Days


30 Doodles


30 “Messages”


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Color and Design Martha’s Vineyard Style

I LOVE Martha’s Vineyard.

We’re talking serious love here.  Sweep me off my feet, love for the ages, romance, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall unconditional kinda love.  Think Serendipity meets Love Actually meets Sliding Doors meets…OK, you get the picture.

I’m gushing.  Too much?  Maybe, but remember, I’m in love.

I got lucky enough to spend a few days on the Vineyard this week and I did what I always do when I’m there.

I de-stress.

I immediately connect with my soul (and I do mean immediate…like stepping on the ferry I can’t stop smiling connection).

I walked on the beach (albeit this time I was in a coat, hat, and gloves…unconditional love).

I crawled around dirty, dusty ugly beautiful boat yards searching for extravagantly elegant bottoms on which art communicates with my eye.  The only thing I love more than MV is a good boatyard.  A good boatyard on MV = sweep me off my feet LOVE.

When I’m completely exhausted and dirt stained from the yards I usually stop by and visit my favorite shops and galleries in Vineyard Haven. They never seem to mind my dirty appearance.  Love, I tell you!

Unfortunately, on this recent visit I was only able to do “drive by” window shopping because the island is basically closed for the month (more unconditional love).  But, one of my favorite places was open for business and I indulged. Here’s a  look inside a wonderful color and design store on the island and some of my favorite finds for the home.

Midnight Farm, Vineyard Haven

Beautiful Vintage Fabric Throws with exquisite detail!

LOVE these lampshades.  So natural and chic.  And the turquoise leather chair and glass lamp base…dreamy!

OK…the pics a little crooked…I was so excited!  I’d just come from the boat yard.  This worn wood, layers of paint, rustic charm cabinet was more eye candy! Romance. Can I get that on the ferry?

If you rub this lamp your genie comes out and she grants you a wish.”I wish…”  Oops…can’t tell you.  It won’t come true.  Let’s just say I won’t need to get that cabinet above on the ferry. LOVE

Keepsake boxes made from recycled keyboards.  Type up my receipt please!

A colorful basket of recycled yarn turned into decorative accessories.  The perfect finish to my colorful shopping trip!

Thanks for shopping with me!  If you’re on Martha’s Vineyard stop into Midnight Farm and have fun with home accessories, fashion, jewelry, and more!

Can’t wait for your next visit?  I understand.  I REALLY understand.  They’ve got you covered, visit Midnight Farm online!

Color Me: Kate Spade

I have a special attachment to Kate Spade.  Here’s one of the reasons why:

There are a few “must do’s” when you move to New York City.  You know, some of those “NYC moments”.

Sample Sales!

My first official NYC Sample Sale was Kate Spade.  I’ll never forget it.  It was “one of those moments”.  I’d researched this “sample sale phenomenon” and I learned they get crowded and the good stuff goes early.  I took a few hours off work so I could get there before the doors opened. Lucky for me I had a boss who was tolerant.  Confused, perhaps, but tolerant.

It was an experience.  Lines out the door.  Once inside, tables and tables and more  tables of Kate Spade bags and accessories. A colorful, patterned feast for the eyes (and the shopaholic)!  I was on a mission this day.  I had an agenda. Diaper bag!  Yep, that’s right…I was on a mission for a diaper bag for my friend in Milwaukee who was expecting her first child. She was SO excited about my shopping trip. I could almost feel her there with me, baby bump and all!

I got the bag, and only the bag.  My friend mission complete.  NYC Sample Sale experience accomplished (and I left without spending all my rent money!).

I still get excited when I get emails about Kate Spade Sample Sales.  I get excited when I walk by a Kate Spade store in SoHo or on 5th Avenue.  I get excited when I see their Facebook posts with new and colorful designs.

Yesterday in my Facebook stream this appeared: Bryce Dallas Howard is the new celebrity face for Kate Spade.


(window shop Kate Spade’s photos from the post)


Fun photos!  Serious color!  SPRING color!  Color that reminded me of my blog design (and reminded me I needed to WRITE a blog).

Thanks Kate Spade for our Morning Cup Of Color!

This leaves me with a few questions:

Who do I call to get that paint job on the bike lane in front of my brownstone?  It would really perk up the neighborhood!

Are we going to start layering handbags?  I like the idea. It’s a great mix of color and shape.  It’s a great perk for a photographer because I ALWAYS need multiple bags!

What do you think?  Would you layer?

Creative Color with Diane von Furstenberg

Attitude is everything. ~Diane von Furstenberg

I love Diane von Furstenberg.  I love everything about her!  She’s warm, intelligent, stylish, comforting, and inspiring.

My favorite black dress is a DVF.  My favorite fun, flirty, silky, colorful, patterned, bow enhanced summer dress is DVF.

I feel very powerful and feminine when I wear these dresses.  I feel special.  Like someone cared about me as a woman when they made them.

I design for the woman who loves being a woman.  ~Diane von Furstenberg

I’m kinda giddy about this morning’s post.  Why?  Now I can dress more than just “me” in these special empowering designs.  Now my favorite home accessories can be DVF with the Diane von Furstenberg Ready To Wear home collection.  Pure home ecstasy!  Color, pattern, design, style…

If you are ready for something new around the house to lighten up and add some fun for Spring, here are my favorites from the new collection.


The beautiful Sandstone Drinkware in Erawan Blue.  Who doesn’t want to put Erawan Blue on the table.  It sounds as dreamy as it looks!

These fun and colorful Miro Flowers plates are inspired by the surrealistic art of Joan Miro and it reminds me of my silky DVF dress!  I can even see part of the bow on the right side of plate?  See it?

These dessert plates in Paper Cheetah are so fun!  I love the design and the shape is so unexpected.  I love dishes with non-traditional shapes.  I’m all about the circle, but give me a dish that’s anything but am I’m singing with angels.

Textiles – Oh Textiles

The DVF Miro Flowers design graces pillows and a duvet cover and gives great composition and color for the bedroom.  I love art inspired textiles so these make me so happy and inspired!  I’d like to see the Sandstone glasses design on a beautiful silk duvet.  I’d break out the leftover b-day gift cards for that!

Maybe some day there will be a DVF design inspired by melissaAnne COLORS….It could happen….

I’ll leave you with some final, inspiring words from Diane von Furstenberg the iconic hero to the young designer Whitney Port.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Creative Color Journals

Everyone, no matter how busy or how old, is creative…

I was reading about  the 1000 Journals Project the other day.  The project was started by Brian Singer, a San Francisco designer, 10 years ago  with the goal of having journals travel around the world for people to write thoughts, discuss feelings, and share artwork.

I just love this idea given that I’ve started adding art to my daily journal.  It’s such a fun way to express how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, or some days to actually discover something I didn’t know was going on in my head or heart.

The spirit of the project is to reach into people’s creativity and connect to one another through the journals.

The program works by sharing journals filled with creativity and stories of people all over the world, each sharing their thoughts and passing it along to a friend or a stranger. The goal of the project was to provide people a place to be creative while interacting with others around the world.

Twelve of the original journals are now on exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA.  The Skirball hopes visitors will understand that “everyone, no matter how busy or how old, is a creative individual and has something to express to the world”.  What better reason for an exhibit I say!

Not in LA?  No problem!  You can see some of the journals on the “next generation” 1001 Journals website.

Do you have an “art journal”?  While you’re over at the website, you can upload pictures of your journal pages to share with the project at 1001 Journals.

Want to get a journal  in your hands and get inspired by the words and art?  You can buy the 1001 Journals Book at

“The important thing is to keep creativity alive in our lives, and we hope people become inspired to start their own journals,” Porter said.

I have a few groups and friends that I’d love to start a journal with!  Who’s in??

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