Perspective and Friday Color

I love hearing from COLORS readers!! Remember this from Wednesday?

A reader wrote me and said she saw a tree if the image was turned upside down. Would you look at that! It does!!!

Perspective! Abstract art! LOVE!!

Here’s a little extra color to end your week. Another boat bottom image from Annapolis with some soft and soothing pastels and fun texture!


Have a great weekend! I’m going to try looking at more things upside down. 🙂


Coloring Inspired

It’s almost Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for a friend opening her home to me and sharing her family for Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you who support my art and COLOR with me!

I’m thankful for the chance to attend an amazing fundraiser last night in Seattle to benefit the American Red Cross NYC area relief efforts put on by Tom Douglas and Seattle area restaurants and give back to the city that gave me so much. It was a lovely night of NYC inspired dishes. My fav of the night, a foie gras macaroon! inspired by a fav spot in NYC.

*they alluded the iPhone paparazzi and were gobbled up immediately and routinely*

The whole night was full of NYC tributes, from the table “coverings”…


To the music and group sing along…

At the end of the night I heard them announce that the Seattle crowd had raised over $30,000 for relief! Wow!!

Thankful to be in Seattle among such giving people!!

My end of night inspired Doodle art ends our COLOR for today.

I’m THANKFUL for color!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Color…and Light…Celebration

I’m so excited about today! It’s a special day for me and a few of my friends and I have the PERFECT image to share.

Today, I’m going to visit the glassblowing studio for glassybaby, founded by a woman who inspires me and is the diva of color and light. It’s also the birthday weekend of two of my inspiring friends who happen to share the same birthday! They will be celebrating together (and hopefully blowing out their birthday candles with BIG wishes) at a Woman On Fire Tea on the East Coast while I’m indulging in color inspiration on the West. It’s sure to be magical across the country today!


Water Colors Candlelight

I hope you enjoy a colorful, light filled, inspiring weekend and celebrate something or someone.

Make a wish…all of you!


Honoring Brave Color!

Sometimes I feel like there are people you are supposed to meet. That’s me and Elizabeth Cassidy. Elizabeth’s COLOR and humor inspires me daily and today I wanted to share someone else’s Color & Inspiration. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Elizabeth is a Creativity Coach, Writer, and Artist. She took my Doodle program last Summer on a whim after we met at a conference, and really I think she did it to be supportive of me…that’s who Elizabeth is. She went to art school but going into the Doodle had not drawn in years. I remember the original discomfort of sharing her drawings with our group.

Now, Elizabeth draws daily, is embracing her artist talents, and just entered her FIRST call for art for a local museum. The pastel drawings you see here are among the 5 she submitted!

I LOVE Elizabeth’s art & use of color and wanted to share her and her inspiring story and honor her BIG brave step forward in sharing her art and color with others.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for allowing me to be the first to share your entries! We are honored! And, thank you for always being an inspiration to me and adding YOUR color so bravely to this world.

You have all inspired me this week with your support and kind words. Thank YOU for coloring MY world!

See you next week!


Lessons From A Tulip Farm

There are so many colorful opportunities to get creative in the Northwest. In April I experienced my first Tulip Festival. Given that tulips are my favorite flower, I was excited to hang out at tulip farms surrounded by fields of blooms and COLOR.


The fields were beautiful, but as I walked around taking pictures of tulip after tulip, watching everyone else do the same, I began to get bored. I needed something “different”. I wanted to show the fields and the color in a new way, in a melissaAnne Colors way. So I decided to try a technique I’d been using for sunrises and sunsets recently.

I could see what I wanted in my mind, but I wasn’t getting it. I spent hours there…

adjusting camera settings

changing locations

climbing on fences

balancing on fence posts

(getting lots of odd looks & questions about what exactly I was doing)

moving this way & that…

Finally, all the pieces came together and it began to happen. I got what I envisioned.


I think there is a lesson in my tulip farm adventure: When we really want something, we have to be open to movement, willing to try all possibilities, OK with being “different”, and patient in reaching our intentions.

I guess art really is a lot like life.

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