Love Letter To Amsterdam – Love What’s Inside

Love Letter to Amsterdam – Love What’s INSIDE

December 24,2015


My Dearest Amsterdam,

I love you because I see you, maybe not how others see you, but I see you.

Love Letter To Amsterdam

Love Letter To Amsterdam

If you know love, you know:

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~Confucius

I stepped inside a large sculpture near the Rijksmuseum while everyone else was taking their pictures “outside”. For me, it was what was “inside” that inspired. The light, and the dark, I love it all.

Isn’t that what love is supposed to be?

Love Always,


PS…I loved you yesterday too, but sometimes love is distracting…




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melissaAnne Colors European Travel Adventure

Hello Color Friends!

It’s been a busy Summer, including 4 weeks of travel opportunity for a melissaAnne Colors European travel adventure. Life is never better when it’s full of exploration, color, new friends, new foods, and new views into this big world of ours.  I’m excited to share my adventure with you in the Fall issue of A Perfect Event magazine. Flip through the pages of this beautiful magazine for travel stories, Fall fashion, and FUN holiday decorating ideas (I’m IN LOVE with the bat in the fork…you MUST look for this and if you have a party and try this I expect an invite!)

Start reading by clicking on the image below.

European Travel Adventure

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Rock Your Color

Why is it that Monday sometimes feels like the waves are crashing over us and trying to hide our colors?

Not gonna happen! 😉

How fun is this rock? I found it on a beach on Martha’s Vineyard. I can imagine the artist sitting in the sand with the beautiful light painting an inspiring seascape, the rock a natural palette for color.

Surf’s up…
Rock your colors!

Color On,


Blossoms Blooming

I interrupt this grey and rainy or cold and snowing day, depending on where you are…

With some Spring blooming inspiration from my weekend camera adventure.

I hope it warms you up or brightens your view today!

Color On,


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