Coloring Inspired

It’s almost Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for a friend opening her home to me and sharing her family for Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you who support my art and COLOR with me!

I’m thankful for the chance to attend an amazing fundraiser last night in Seattle to benefit the American Red Cross NYC area relief efforts put on by Tom Douglas and Seattle area restaurants and give back to the city that gave me so much. It was a lovely night of NYC inspired dishes. My fav of the night, a foie gras macaroon! inspired by a fav spot in NYC.

*they alluded the iPhone paparazzi and were gobbled up immediately and routinely*

The whole night was full of NYC tributes, from the table “coverings”…


To the music and group sing along…

At the end of the night I heard them announce that the Seattle crowd had raised over $30,000 for relief! Wow!!

Thankful to be in Seattle among such giving people!!

My end of night inspired Doodle art ends our COLOR for today.

I’m THANKFUL for color!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Summer Color

Summer FINALLY came to Seattle and I’ve been on the move and so busy trying to balance work and play my photos have stacked up on the memory card!

I downloaded a few this weekend and knew we needed color today! Let’s soothe ourselves into Monday with a dip in pink luxury.


Sunset “On The Move” – Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

Have a great Monday!

(So, I just noticed that I have on a mauve top and turquoise sandals…subconscious color coordination??)

Imagination Monday

Good morning,

Today’s color is a cool abstract from a boat bottom. I loved the patterns I saw and thought it could look very intentionally “designed”.


Use your imagination today to find something fun in this image. For those of you enduring the heat, maybe it’s a snow covered respite from the dog days of Summer.


Lessons From A Tulip Farm

There are so many colorful opportunities to get creative in the Northwest. In April I experienced my first Tulip Festival. Given that tulips are my favorite flower, I was excited to hang out at tulip farms surrounded by fields of blooms and COLOR.


The fields were beautiful, but as I walked around taking pictures of tulip after tulip, watching everyone else do the same, I began to get bored. I needed something “different”. I wanted to show the fields and the color in a new way, in a melissaAnne Colors way. So I decided to try a technique I’d been using for sunrises and sunsets recently.

I could see what I wanted in my mind, but I wasn’t getting it. I spent hours there…

adjusting camera settings

changing locations

climbing on fences

balancing on fence posts

(getting lots of odd looks & questions about what exactly I was doing)

moving this way & that…

Finally, all the pieces came together and it began to happen. I got what I envisioned.


I think there is a lesson in my tulip farm adventure: When we really want something, we have to be open to movement, willing to try all possibilities, OK with being “different”, and patient in reaching our intentions.

I guess art really is a lot like life.

A “Silky” Sunset?

As I was editing that most colorful sunset I shared with you yesterday, I felt my head turn slightly to the left…repeatedly…until I got the message. Horizontal! And then, Pillow!


Sunset: Kirkland Waterfront


How would you like that coloring your sofa or bed in a beautiful silk pillow? Color from nature “painting” your home decor. Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just a “tilt of the head”.

Look at something differently today. Maybe a challenge? A question? The way you’ve always “done it” or “used it”…maybe you’ll find some silky color…or something even more exciting.

Oh, and I ordered silk swatches to test out “the tilt” inspiration.

Don’t just tilt. Do.

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