I Wish I Could…

Several years ago I was lamenting on Twitter about how I wished I could paint. Something, by the way, I’ve never really put much effort into trying or learning. For all I know, I’m a modern day Picasso in hiding.

Reading my lamenting, a lovely artist on Twitter responded, “You paint with your camera, which means you never have to clean your brushes.”

YES! True!

I love a good abstract color and shape opportunity caught with my camera. It’s why I started shooting boat bottoms, walls of graffiti, and eventually water.

Water at that special time of day when reflections rule and colors pop.

20130916-081640.jpgBoat colors reflecting on water before sunset, Center For Wooden Boats – South Lake Union Seattle

Shall we call it the magical mirror moment? When things that at all other times of the day look pedestrian and less than interesting become magical and artful.

Hmmm…kinda like that moment when someone showed me how my photography was received. Turned my “inefficiencies”and boring talent that I wanted to be more and different into something much more magical and artful: Painting with my camera.

What are you lamenting you “wish you could do”? Maybe you already are doing it, in a different and magical way.

Or maybe you should just TRY to do it with a class or help from someone who can.

Maybe I should take my own advice.

Or maybe I should just embrace not washing brushes.

We’ll see…

Spinning Color

So much color…

So little time…

A very quick color break.

We’re turning the world on its side…


Horizontal sunset, turned vertical.

A little color manipulation to go turquoise and orange!




Color on!


Swimming In Pink

The fog had finally lifted in Seattle and we actually have SUN this morning!!! That “glowy thing” IS real!!!

A perfect morning to walk with you in full out color.


The “lost and discovered” colors today are the dreamy tulip fields from Spring.

Looks like an ocean of color to me and I’m ready to dive in!

Swimming in pink!!




Nautical in Abstract

You have all followed me long enough to know I like to “color outside the lines” with my art.

Take a different perspective…

Go a little abstract…

Some of you know I have a dream of putting my images on textiles. And, that I have an odd obsession with pillow design.

Today’s image has been a mental “picture” for some time. This weekend, step one towards reality.

Meet my textile vision Nautical In Abstract.

Beyond the anchor. Decorate your space with “boat jewelry” as I like to call it.

A photo of the ropes on a sailboat mast made graphic and customizable in a range of color ways. Test swatches and more coming soon!

Possibilities are endless…

Color and dream! Dream and color!!

Wednesday COLOR

Sharing some quick color to help us all through this Wednesday. My fingers are too cold to “think”. So here we go…

I captured this little beauty while in Annapolis a few months ago.


That yellow and gold looks so warm and inviting doesn’t it…

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