“Shape Up” with melissaAnne COLORS Photography

I had an interesting morning.  (Which is why your MORNING cup of color has become your AFTERNOON cup of color.)

I usually wake up and write morning pages.  Well, today I woke up to bright sunshine (thank you to Alex the Wonder Cat for letting me wake after the sun!) and SNOW! Beautiful snow outside the window adorning the fire escape and perching treacherously along the cable TV lines that hang about the Brooklyn brownstone backyards like jewelry. I jumped up, fed Alex, grabbed my camera and switched to my 70-200mm zoom lens and away to the window I went. There was a beautiful reflection and the tree limbs and snow glowed bright gold.

After snapping a few shots I went about my ritual of morning pages, but had decided yesterday to mix it up a little today.  I’d not only write, but I’d draw!  I’d combine my morning pages with the tools for right brain serenity I’m learning from the Meet Your Artist Within program I’m doing over at Creatively Fit.  So I started my first drawing activity…I’ll spare you the results….Let’s just say I’m NOT really skilled in drawing.  But it’s OK, because that’s not the point.  The point is it’s fun and it’s connecting me to my creative source and I got a message from it.  Check out the course and you’ll see for yourself!  After drawing, I easily streamed out a few pages of written word, but something told me I wasn’t done.  So I scribbled.  You know…doodled!  This is where my doodles took me.

To circle land!  AAAAHHH!

When I finished I wanted MORE camera.  So I went back to the window and kept shooting.  Miraculously my morning shoot was all about shapes and I found lots of circles in the view from my window that I have NEVER noticed before!

My right-brain opened up and showed me the way today!  It was a GREAT way to start my day.

Here are some of my “Shape Up” shots.

Circles, circles…

and more circles!

And then, there were lines.

And some fun tree COLOR!

And THAT was my circular, linear, colorful morning…finally out to YOU in the afternoon.  Hey, creativity has its own schedule some days.  I’m learning to go with it.

Thanks for letting me share my own COLOR with you today through melissaAnne COLORS Photography.  Have a great weekend!  Find some color this weekend and I’ll see you Monday morning for more fun!

Color Workspaces – Accessorize!!!

Tuesday we toured some colorful workplaces from around the web.  Now let’s look at how we can bring some fun into our own offices and workday.

Of course there is furniture.  Remember that GREAT office with the colorful art and lunchbox bookcase?  Well, I’m still in love with it but I still want to change something.

I’d like a different chair.  Perhaps one of these.

I LOVE these chairs from Community Furniture.  I’m not sure which one I’d get…surprisingly the turquoise is not my quick selection.  Orange is tempting.  But then there is the purple.   I feel like the color energy would seep into me as I sat and I’d be the most creative chic on the block.  I might even get a reputation… What color are you creating from?

Have a bookcase in your office?  Dress it up!  I’ve always loved this next idea. Put wallpaper remnants, contact paper, favorite photos or anything colorful behind the shelves like the dining room feature shown below.  A fun DIY to tackle this weekend.

You can also paint the back panel with a bright color (or 2 or 3) to add some fun color pop like the living room piece shown on Decor Arts Now.

If you’re feeling really creative, do a little of both!  Mix it up.  Decorate some shelves with a patterned paper and keep some a solid color!

After furnishings, we need accessories.  Check out See Jane Work.  There is no shortage of fun colorful office supplies on this website.  I could buy one of each!  But, I did have a few favs.

Kate Spade Pencils?!?!

Lilly Pulitzer Highlighters for feeling fresh and girlie.

OH, YES!  Jonathan Adler pens?  I’ll take a case of these!!  We’ve got favorite designers “at our fingertips”!

When we’re done writing, and drawing, and coloring, and highlighting, and doodling…..we”ll need to organize some things.

A few not so boring folders!

REALLY not boring and down right FUN flag strips ! *

When Spring FINALLY arrives, we might want to tear ourselves away from our beautiful offices and take some work to the park.  PERFECT!  We can take our work and our color with us with these binders.

All this blog activity, Facebooking, Tweeting, and work…right there is work to be done…is wearing out our mouse pad.  I’ll take the Bella Leather Mousepad in Pink, PRETTY PLEASE.

And since our office is now so pretty and organized we’ll need to tackle those unsightly cords.  No problem!

These retractable cord keepers I found at Style At Home keep us colorful and neat!

I’m almost done with my office…but there is something missing.  What was it??

Lighting – Right!  Kelley Moore envy means I need one of these!

As seen in House of Turquoise

The chandelier that is.  My new goal:  Office with a chandelier.

We’re done!  We decorated our office.  We’re surrounded by color and ready to create a magnificent day.  Let’s get to work!

Right after I’m done drawing with my Lilly Pulitzer highlighters and doodling with my Jonathan Adler pens…

Introducing Wednesday Words – The Art of Words

After only a week and a half, I have a totally new appreciation for daily bloggers. It’s not easy to keep content going. I am going to try a few “daily themes” to help me out a little.

I’m starting with WORDS.

I like words.  They allow us to communicate and relate to people.  They can change a mood, inspire a dream, and make a difference.  We can get creative with them by writing, printing, or painting them in colorful and fun ways.

I decided to create a day of the week for exploring all the many creative ways we can use words to enhance design, create art, inspire, or express color.

What better day than Wednesday…because it starts with W (of course..) and because it’s a good day to share some extra word inspiration to get us over the mid-week hump.


I came across Book of Art by Veronica Salazar a few days ago.  I love what she’s made and want to share her creativity and talent with you!  Veronica doesn’t write, print, or paint her words.  She folds them.

I’d love to put the three shown above on a long black shelf I have above my couch.  I think they make great art and conversation pieces for any room.

If you were going to fold a word into a book what would you want to say?  Me – SMILE!

You can see more on Book of Art’s Flickr Stream and contact her through the Book of Art Etsy store.

Thanks for stopping by to

my blog and for joining me on for the first WEDNESDAY WORDS.

Create.  Love.  Dream.

And come back tomorrow to Read more!

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