A Photographer’s Story – The Dance

There are times I see something unusual before I shoot an image.  Something abstract.  Something that creates a story in my mind that I can tell through my lens.

Today when I was out wading through 15″ of snowfall in Park Slope I found such an image.

I wanted to share the process.  In my words.  How the story began…and unfolded.

The story.

A story.  It called to me.  Begging to be told visually.  Like a writer would create with words.

A carefree, strong woman.  The solitary freedom of the early morning hour.

The elegance of a snowfall.  Beautiful clothing provided by mother nature.

Silent music.  A dance with nature.  A twirl.  Flowing. Joyful.  An expression of individuality and passion.

The Dance.

{The image is downloaded.  The story remains.  The story is untold.  The story evolves.}

The story evolves.

A carefree, strong woman. A precocious child.  Memories made in the early morning hour.

The elegance of a snowfall.  Special clothing provided by mother nature.  A day for dress up.

Silent music.  A dance for two.  A twirl.  Flowing.  Joyful.  A moment together.

A mother’s love.  A child’s play.  A shared dance.  An expression of togetherness.

A story.

Yoga Color

Something pointed me to yoga today.

First off, I’ll admit that I don’t do yoga on a regular basis.

Part of the yoga trending included Lululemon.  It came up in conversations yesterday and today so I thought I’d stop by the website and see if there was anything I could use for this post.

!!!!!!  Lululemon !!!!!

You had me at “shop by colour“.

Really?  No, REALLY?  An online store I can SERIOUSLY shop by color?  That just makes me happy!  Zen.  Who needs a downward facing dog?

I want all retail websites to use this model.  I want to shop by color, read by color, Facebook by color, blog by color. ..you get the point.

So while there, I of course had to shop by “Aruba” and picked out a great pair of pants.

Maybe if I bought these I’d be inspired to go to a yoga class.  But, I need a yoga mat.

Oh how perfect!  My favorite colors.  This looks promising.

A little while later (while I was still sitting at the computer contemplating the benefits of yoga) I got a Twitter follow from a fellow Brooklyn artist.  I checked out his artistic domain of course.

Let me introduce you to  Orlando Dominguez.   Orlando creates beautiful art sculptures and to my surprise he had several yoga sculptures.  Here’s my favorite.

I won’t be trying this pose any time soon, but it WOULD color coordinate with that yoga gear…

I also discovered that Orlando designs furniture so I had to browse.  I mean after yoga I might need to sit or lie down…

This will do JUST fine.

I’ll be in my princess chair, “Bluesy Chictorian“, for the rest of the day if anyone is looking for me.  Oh and I’m going to put “Pink Chictorian” in the post for a friend of mine in Florida who celebrated her birthday today.  She is to pink what I am to the blues.

Thanks Orlando for the princess fantasy I plan to have ALL day today.  Your designs are fabulous!

I really had no idea yoga could be so colorful!  I’m so inspired….

Wednesday Words No. 2

This week has gone so fast!  I almost forgot it was time for Wednesday Words.

Here are some fun “word” products and art to entertain and inspire.

Leave it to a creative from Brooklyn to create The Google Pillow collection inspired by the top Google searches.  I think this pillow is hilarious!  There is a pillow for each year, beginning in 2006 (shown above is 2010).   It’s like a time capsule on a pillow. You can see them all at the elastic co Etsy store. (I NEVER thought I’d have the words “Justin Bieber” on my blog! My niece is going to think I’m SO COOL.)

I love this letterpress poster from Roll & Tumble Press.  It makes me smile…as do the old cameras!  It could be on this photographer’s art wish list very soon.

If this isn’t how I’ve been feeling in the snowy, cold environs of NYC I don’t know what is!  The silk screen poster from Slide Sideways brings shine and inspiration today.

I’ve seen these fun vinyl wall art and decals before.  I think they are a lot of fun and a great way to decorate with words.  Instead of “writing on the walls” like we did with chalkboard paint the other day, you can  Right on the Walls with these decals.

My most favorite has to be this beautiful colorful front door! I could find lots of Peace, Love and Joy if I had that front entrance!

That’s all for our Wednesday Words.  What words would you like to use to add a little personal design to your house?  Me…

Happy Wednesday!

5 Things Winter Makes Me Grateful For

When I woke up today it was 6 degrees.  That’s cold.  Really, really cold.

I don’t like cold.  I was feeling absolutely trapped and overcome by the cold.  So I decided to turn it around and create a “Winter Gratitude” list.

Here are the things about Winter I am grateful for.

Fluffy Scarves

There is something soothing about wrapping up in a big warm scarf.  It’s like putting on a superhero cape before going out to defend the world (or your body’s internal temperature).  I love this bright pink  kate spade scarf.  It looks warm but the color also makes me think of Spring.

What I like even more about it is it is entirely hand-knit by women in Bosnia through kate spade’s hand in hand partnership with Women For Women International.

Since 2005, kate spade new york and Women for Women International have been working together to promote microenterprises for women in the still recovering communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The enterprise is the next step in an ongoing product development partnership over the past four years. Women for Women International provides the training in knitting for the women, with creative direction from kate spade new york.

Warm, fashionable, colorful, and making a difference.  A win-win-win-win in my book!

Warm Boots

Warm feet = happy in my world.  One of the ONLY perks for me when Old Man Winter arrives is that I get to pull out my Coach puffer boots.  Warm.  Color.  LOVE!

{warm feet = happy}  {Coach = happy}

Hot Chocolate…SPICY Hot Chocolate

I have to admit that this Winter I’ve become addicted to Spicy Hot Chocolate.

Lake Champlain Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate is my “warm hug in a mug” on an almost daily basis.  Not to mention that the packaging wakes me right up with its vibrant colors and shapes!

Lamb Chili…With LOTS of Cinnamon

I LOVE lamb and a Winter evening paired with lamb chili makes me almost enjoy the cold!  Almost…

Photo:  Country Living

When I’m in a hurry I make an easy lamb chili with Amy’s Medium Chili (with a few dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg for that extra warm spice feel), brown some ground lamb with cinnamon.  Mix.  Add a little FAGE Greek Yogurt. EAT!  Warm!  Happy!!

March = Spring

The cold won’t last forever, Spring will return.

Colors will return to the trees and flowers will bloom.

Snow won’t be snow…it will just be rain.

Maybe I can get these Coach Rain Boots to replace my Winter Boots.

{dry feet = happy}  {Coach = happy}

*What’s your Winter gratitude? *

Get Naughty With Chalkboard Paint

I was sitting around minding my own business last week when Apartment Therapy posted on Chalkboard Paint.  I felt the creative crush all the way in my toes.  I LOVE chalkboard paint.

Want to know why?  It’s naughty!

Chalkboard Paint?  Naughty?

You’re probably thinking I’ve been sniffing some pretty good paint.  But no, really, it’s naughty.

You aren’t supposed to write on walls.  It’s a rule.  It’s a “duh” thing.  You don’t write on walls…

I know this all too well!  You see when I was young I got “grounded” (my only time to get grounded in my WHOLE life) because of writing on a wall.  (Notice I didn’t say *I* WROTE on the wall.  I didn’t do it!  But, I know who did…)

So I guess the idea of chalkboard paint plays into my naughty innocent experience of “wall writing” and gives me a free pass to go to the forbidden land.

Here are some fun ways to use chalkboard paint, on walls and off, to spark creativity (and maybe a little rebellion) in your life.

On the walls, I love this “framed” spice rack and those pink closet doors are a delight!

The Stir

The Sweet Life

What about “off the walls” with chalkboard paint?  Home accessories love a little chalkboard paint love too!

The Blessed Nest

Make Online

Chalkboard painted bottles!?!?  What a great idea.  I have a few old bottles around because they have great shapes and I just hate to throw them away.  They will be seeing a new “color” soon.

Furniture? Why not!

Apartment Therapy

Chicago Now

Sweet Grace

The refrigerator in the Apartment Therapy post that started it all is the most delish way to store food I’ve ever seen.

In my home, yes, I have chalkboard paint.  I put a little creativity in my kitchen and used it as a “canvas” for inspiring words and thoughts.

One of my favorite motivations and my vision I created at a retreat color the walls and cabinets in my kitchen.

There’s MORE:  Now you can decorate with chalkboard paint and do it with color!  Check out Hudson Paint and their colorful palette of chalkboard paints!

One last MUST:  get these great chalk markers to make your art experience even BETTER!

So go on, color your wall (or anything else)…and then WRITE, DRAW, or DOODLE on it with no worries and lots of rebellion!

{Would you believe that when I got grounded for the “writing incident” I had all my “colors” taken away.  That could explain some things…..}