My Happy Color

If you know me this next sentence will be old news. I LOVE the color turquoise. No matter where it is or what it “colors”. It makes me happy.


I found this turquoise happiness at Seattle Center last week. The colors glowing on a sunny day I got to spend with my mom!

My happy color and happy memories!

What’s your happy color?


Blue Wednesday

Happy Wednesday…wait…what? How did it get to Wednesday so fast? Where did Monday and Tuesday go?

Into the memory bank I suppose, like this beautiful blue caught on the beach many weeks ago.


I love the way the blue actually glows in the sky and the water. Just like it did as I stood on the sand.

The blue tones of the sky and the water of the Sound playing off each other in a subtle way.

The lavender and peach accents from the fading light adding a special color contrast to the scene.

Like jewelry to nature’s “outfit”.

Alki – Beginning To End

Alki is a magical little place in West Seattle. I’ve loved it from the moment I was introduced to it and I try to visit often for beach time and COLOR fun.

Last night I had the pleasure of “rising above” one of my favorite photo spots and enjoying dinner on a roof deck. When I parked my car the light was perfect! The water was still, like glass, with the beautiful light reflecting off it.

A scene of silver and blue.

The inspiration was running on overdrive as I took my camera out.


As the evening unfolded and the colors around me deepened and shined brightly in the sky the inspiration grew…


From beginning to end.

A special thank you to Ginny Trethewey for a wonderful dinner and opening her home and heart to me (and my camera). And, to Jan Allen and Debbie Phillips for continuing to share inspiration and support and connecting me to such wonderful women! Women On Fire!!


Strong and Soft

We’ve had some amazing sunsets in Seattle lately due to smoke from fires far away. Today I picked a “stand in” image from a sunset a few weeks ago. It spoke to me with its beautiful colors of course but it also seemed to represent how life feels some days.


The waves are strong and tumultuous. The sky a soft and calm reminder of gentler days to come. Some days that’s how I feel when I make it out to see the sunset.

Ending a hectic day.

Creating a “canvas” for a peaceful new start.

Taking in the energy and beauty of color around me. Refilling my “tank”…

Hope, as my friend Ann might say.

If you have some tumultuous waves rolling by today I hope you find your soft and calm moments to carry you forward…or just a pretty sunset to end the day and feed you color.


Flowers For Friday

It has been one LONG week! My extended holiday last week created overwhelm this week and I had no chance to COLOR!

Speaking of extended holiday, I took the ferry out to Port Townsend last week and had a GREAT time. I really love Port Townsend. It’s a “sea side” town heavy on maritime and it is beautiful! In some ways it reminds me of my favorite place, Martha’s Vineyard.

Port Townsend even has a Foundation For Wooden Boats and an annual Wooden Boat Festival! My kinda town and of course I dug around in some boat yards while there.


I always get excited when I happen upon a pink boat. Somehow it feels special and unusual, like a rare colored gem. Hanging out with this pink lady was doubly exciting because I “saw” something in her…or on her.


Do you see them? A beautiful display of pink tulips. Delicate petals and blooms hidden on the bottom of a boat. A treasure meant to discover if you take the time to look.

Friday flowers for you!


PS…I’m off to Canada this weekend for more camera COLOR fun! Can’t wait to share the bounties from this month’s adventures! Stay tuned…