Child’s Play

Happy Friday!!!!

Something a little different today to kick off our weekend the right way…

With PLAY!


Let your inner child shine and dance…and PLAY!

(yes, this is “real”! No manipulation. One of those “I have no idea, I hit the shutter and something magical happened”…or maybe SHE was magical.)



My mom visited me recently and I was so excited to take her to the Olympic Peninsula for a day. Early morning ferry, ready to show her the mountains, visit lavender farms, see the colorful boats in Port Townsend.

White, clouds, mist…not in the plan.

But, we adventured on and walked on the chilly, misty, silent beach in Port Townsend early in the morning. Rock, shell and photo treasures waited to be discovered.

Out in the sleepy, colorless harbor this sailboat waited silently for day to begin, it’s colors contrasting against the day’s white canvas.



Solace is available in 3 sizes as a limited edition canvas print.

Color…From A “Spit”

It’s going to be 90 in Seattle today (me happy!) and 80 tomorrow. Even when it’s hot here there seems to be a cool breeze that is quite refreshing…like the blues in the photo below.


This photo is from the Dungeness Spit out on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s a cool little spot where a strip of sand juts out into the water, the mountains looming in the distance.

Pretty inspiring to me and my camera! The shades of blue. The textures. The shapes. All some of my favorite things to capture with some camera magic.

Happy Friday! I’m off to a vineyard tomorrow (not THE Vineyard…) for a chef inspired dinner and wine tasting. Hoping for a few fun photo ops to share!

Have a COLORful weekend everyone!


Picture Paradise

I needed a little quiet reflection and connection with my passion on my morning walk. Some color and peace to start my day. This image from a few weeks ago called.


When the sun sets and colors begin to paint the sky before me, an energy emerges within and the colors seem to speak to something deep within. Add a sailboat to the scene and it’s my picture paradise.

Here’s to a day of smooth sailing and inspiring colors!


Summer Color

Summer FINALLY came to Seattle and I’ve been on the move and so busy trying to balance work and play my photos have stacked up on the memory card!

I downloaded a few this weekend and knew we needed color today! Let’s soothe ourselves into Monday with a dip in pink luxury.


Sunset “On The Move” – Golden Gardens Park, Seattle

Have a great Monday!

(So, I just noticed that I have on a mauve top and turquoise sandals…subconscious color coordination??)

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