The Dance Of The Oars

Fresh off the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend and had a great time among the boats and sun-filled days.

The colors of the boats, the sun glistening on the water, fun shapes and reflections, and me and my camera.

Here’s one of my favorite images from the weekend.

The water droplets caught my eye as they glistened in the early morning light.

When I look at the final image it reminds me of the beautiful synchronicity of the oars as they dance across the water.

The Dance Of The Oars…

Holding Tight….

I’m holding on….

With everything I have…

To Summer!!!

Mid-80’s here today as I head off to a day of volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club. A fabulous weather weekend is in store for my adventure out to the beautiful Port Townsend for the Annual Wooden Boat Festival.

I’m holding on and enjoying every last warm day and ray of sunshine that feeds energy and brings color to the world.

Hold on Summer! Stay in bloom flowers!!

NEW Water Colors from Port Townsend

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Sun Rises…And Sets

I spent a quiet and warm weekend out on the Peninsula this weekend in a wonderful horse ranch b&b. First class hospitality and a room so quiet and cozy I never made it out early enough to see the sunrise. No way early rising cowboys slept in beds that comfortable with down comforters that warm!

Luckily I’m a night person so making the sunsets were much easier! I caught this one on my last night.

A sky so full of color, patterns, textures, drama…like nothing I’ve ever seen!


A bold punctuation mark on the colors of that day…and all the ones to come.

Passions…Old & New

I’ve always loved reflections. It started early in my Crisis Management career when I was traveling around the globe and taking pictures like a “tourist”.

Except I never came home with the “normal” pictures.

Forget historical statues & buildings.

I went for windows with reflections, or fountains where you could see an abstracted reflection of the “tourist” shot.

Then I discovered color! And, boats!! And, true abstract photography…

Photography moved on from hobby to passion. Textile visions were born. Gallery shows were dreams come true.

Today I’m reminded of early passions and first steps and I’m excited to share a photo treasure I “found” hiding in recent shots from Port Townsend.


Passions meet: Boats…Color…Reflection…

With a fun abstract feel.

Now that I think about it, add in travel. The piece that brings it all together.

Travel. Color. Reflect.

Sounds like a perfect tagline for something…

Happy Thursday!


Sailing Into The Imagination

Today I’m imagining sailing off into the green-blue yonder with flecks of golden sunlight adorning the sky…


New Water Colors image from Port Townsend

Now so are you…