Celebrate Color!!!

Today is National Color Day!!! A day to recognize color in the world around us.

Who knew?

My new favorite day!!! ( I wore black & grey today… next year I’ll better represent! )

Totally unprepared for this, I found some fun COLOR I did myself. Pastels in my sketchbook.


Appreciate some color today!

Take a photo.

Play with markers or crayons.

Send me your “celebration” of color!!

Taking The “Other” Ferry

We’ve been lacking in color! I’ve been so busy and I’m really excited to tell you where I am today!

I left Seattle Friday night, on a red eye, full of excitement, anticipation…

and NERVES…as I headed to Martha’s Vineyard. My soul has come home! For the next 8 days I’m on MV taking a photo workshop with one of my hero photographers, Alison Shaw.

I’ll try to share some images as the week goes by, but today I’ll leave you with an old one…a favorite one.

Ferry To Martha’s Vineyard


Color The Shore

It’s been WAY too long since my camera and I had a play date! Changing that tonight with a sunset adventure out to one of my favorite local spots, Richmond Beach in Shoreline.


I decided to give you some of its color today in hopes of getting more tonight.

Give good color…

Get good color…


Glow & Float

Good morning!

Back in Seattle after 10 days down South. Clouds seem to be following me around lately, so on my cloudy walk this morning I reached for something with a bit of “glow”.


I love the darkness of the boat’s sides but the warm glow inside and the soft blue water it floats on.

Hmmm…a metaphor for the day? Keep the glow going inside and float on.

Happy “glowing” Friday!!

Freedom and Empowerment

My last morning at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend found me in one of my favorite places…

A boatyard!

Whatever it is about them, they still call my name and lure me in. Even amid a beautiful sunrise and spectacular wooden boats gleaming in the early morning glow, a dusty boatyard is my paradise.

As I walked around the towering boats looking for inspiration, I “found” this interesting image.


When I first saw the textures and shapes created by the boat’s layers of paint weathered by time and the environment, I saw a woman.

On closer look I saw women.

Walking together.

Strong, colorful, and standing tall.

There is a sense of freedom and empowerment in the image and the story it tells me.

What do you see?