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Amazon Biospheres “Snow Globe” Photo Go Viral To Close Out 2016

Amazon Biospheres Snow Globe Photo Go Viral To Close Out 2016…and open 2017!

Several weeks ago I told you about the awesome birthday surprise and the Jeff Bezos tweet of my “snow globe” photo of the Amazon Biospheres. It was fun and exciting and that tweet got a lot of attention!


1.1k likes as of last week!

A wow moment for me and I’m grateful to Jeff Bezos for sharing it and kicking off a bit of a domino effect as GeekWire picked up the photo tweet and featured it and my website. That was a surprise too!

Hey, December…I LIKE your surprises!

I reached out to the GeekWire reporter to send a thanks for featuring and the next thing I knew a follow-up interview was scheduled and there I was sitting down telling my story and talking about the Amazon Biospheres for a more detailed GeekWire feature.


screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-31-26-pm screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-32-07-pm

Read the Full Article

Several days after that article was published a friend forwarded me an email…


Hey! Most read stories!! That’s pretty good company to be in!

And then, just before Christmas a friend made a connection and a few days later a TV camera and reporter were in my home! What is happening here??? Being VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera, this was a stretch WAY out of my comfort zone. But, since my 2016 mantra was all about living outside of my comfort zone and making THAT my comfort zone…well, I went for it.

Last night in Seattle, the Amazon Biosphere viral momentum struck again and this aired on King 5 Evening Magazine!


Read the Full Story and Watch The Segment

My friends and family are all excited about following this journey and I’m proud that I stepped FAR out of my comfort zone many times over the last month and finished 2016 fully living into my mantra. All because of my love of snow globes and a little snow falling on the Amazon Biospheres. You just never know do you?

To all of you who responded to my previous blog, social media shares, and saw the articles and segments “real-time” and reached out with support, THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me. For believing in me and my creative products and lifestyle…for helping me believe in moments when I lost faith.

Keep dreaming. Keep stepping out of YOUR comfort zone.

And, if you want a little extra nudge for 2017 you can sign up for my mindful coloring workshops and embrace your own creative expression, confidence and courage in an area that many fear…putting art on a page (even though it really isn’t about the art).

You can do it.

Really you can.

I did! And, it started with little things like sharing drawings that were not “art” in any way…sometimes taking a step in one area that we fear leads to steps on lots of other things we fear.

More exciting news comings soon! I’ve taken a big step with my fine art photography and I’m excited to share and see where it goes in 2017.

Color on,



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