Fan Favorites – The Palouse Roadtrip

My Palouse Roadtrip recap is underway on my Instagram page. It’s always fun to revisit a trip after I’ve returned and see the photos and remember the sights, sounds and feelings I experienced along the way. And, I love to indulge in my passion for storytelling with both words and photos that bring people along “with” me.

It’s a long drive out to the Palouse, 6+ hours to be exact. That’s a lot of radio time and focus at the wheel time! As I drove, not really sure what was between home and the “finish line”, I waited for just the right place to slow down, take an exit and get out of the car for a few minutes to rest my mind and eyes. I sure found the perfect spot at Wanapum Reservoir (and I’m sure glad I was in the right lane to make a split second exit when I saw the scenery!).

Who wouldn’t want to stop here in the middle of a long drive and take a stretch? I mean…EYE CANDY!




There were so many great colors and textures all around and I appreciated the wide open space and chance to “look out” instead of keeping my eyes focused on the road ahead. You know, we always need those moments in life when we can take a look beyond the right here, right now and shift our gaze wider and longer. Life lessons in a roadtrip photo…

I got you covered.

This is the fan favorite Instagram post from last week. The Impressionist Photography version of the scene above.



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This one really did feel a bit more true to life than other Impressionist photos I’ve done. Everything did look a little soft through tired eyes and even though I was no longer in a moving car, well, my mind hadn’t quite slowed to a stop yet.

After taking in this beautiful scene I drove back toward the highway and took a quick detour down to the boat dock. I loved this sign…




A good reminder and I love the free life vests available for the little ones…and probably some big ones who don’t float either!  This mermaid soul, well, I definitely have the float down!




I found this guy standing out on the jetty with his rod and reel. A little accidental camera setting and a resulting overexposed photo reminded me that sometimes mistakes have positive outcomes…and aren’t really mistakes after all, but unexpected gifts.

I rather love the starkness of the background. It gives this guy some creative mystery on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. Who doesn’t need that?

Until next week!

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