Urban Flow – Amsterdam to Seattle

It’s Sunday night, officially almost Monday morning, out here on the West coast and I’m moving along in my urban flow. Most people have turned in. The city is quiet and the rain has set in.  The streets are mirrors to the city lights that now shimmer and paint the streets outside. I’m sitting at a local pub trying to get inspired by the energy of the music and “lives happening” around me, plugged into wifi and trying to find some words and images to share on my Monday blog. Nothing is coming to me. NOTHING…

I stop for a minute and take in the scene around me.  A dark downtown Seattle looms outside the windows. Area businesses are mostly closed. The ever-present construction work is on a brief hiatus until tomorrow morning when the construction sites become like bee hives again. Right now, the only remnants in view are the orange traffic cones lining the streets and sidewalks. They are the new icon of the changes happening in this city. They have become the omnipresent accessory that adorns the city like jewels.

As I sit here looking out at the quiet, dark night with its splashes of color and the beat of the music resonating around me I’m reminded of a photo I took on New Years Day in Amsterdam. A bit dark. A bit moody. Rhythmic. Splashes of color.


Urban Flow



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I think this is one of my favorite images from my time in Amsterdam. A magical opportunity to catch a boat’s majestic colors reflecting on the water. It was taken on New Years Day during an epic walk around the city exploring and taking photos. I love the darkness, the movement and rhythm of the water and the pop of color. Exactly how I feel right now about the urban setting I currently call home.

Art representing life? Or life representing art? Does it matter which? It’s all worth celebrating.

Color on,


P.S. Thanks Bar Noroeste for a beautifully designed and welcoming space to reflect, connect, and feel at home.