Love Letter To Amsterdam – 2016 Is Off To A Bright Start

Love Letter To Amsterdam – 2016 Off To A Bright Start

January 1, 2016 !!!

My Dearest Amsterdam,

Well I made it through your rather boisterous New Years Eve festivities.  I’ve never HEARD such explosive celebrations! I believe you cured me of my sensitivity to fireworks.

KAPOW KABOOM CRACKLE! {Repeat for 8 hours!!!}

As I walked the streets today you were littered with “leftovers” of spirits and sparkles everywhere I went.

Love Letter To Amsterdam


You sure didn’t seem to mind though, because you my dear Amsterdam were glowing brighter than I’ve ever seen you! Your colors and your energy could only be described as magical. 2016 looks GOOD on you!





Thank you for the message, my love:  Reflect. Look at things differently. Change perspectives.  

Got it. Noted. You’re the BEST!

Love Always,