Love Letter To Amsterdam – 3 Steps To Win My Heart

Love Letter To Amsterdam – 3 Steps To Love

December 29, 2015

My Dearest Amsterdam,

Today’s Love Letter To Amsterdam is about the 3 steps to winning my heart, again.  Ready?

Step 1


Hot. Chili. ORANGE. Dark. Chocolate.  Really, you had me here, stoking the fire at first sight. But, this love affair runs deep and is a bit racy…so there is more.

Step 2

Love Letter To Amsterdam

The barista…or chocolista?…who’s shirt read “How can I choc you?” served that hot chili orange lump of love in a mug of steaming hot, frothy milk. The hotness factor of our love is rising!

I fell in love with this whole “mix your hot cocoa with dark chocolate pieces” in Brugge earlier this year. But orange and chili too? This is the stuff PDA is made of!

Step 3


Stir. Melt. THIS is why we are in love, my dear Amsterdam. THIS! Sure I have to put in a little effort to complete our beautiful cup of love, but you are SO worth it. My love cup runneth over for you, my dear! The perfect combination of sweet, fruity, and spicy.

Thank you Chocolate Company for the ever deepening love affair!

Love Always,