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Snoqualmie Valley with Bruiser

This week we head out to Snoqualmie Valley with Bruiser where I did some dog-sitting and suburbia exploring. I’m VERY behind in my adventure writing…

I’ve been TOO busy ADVENTURING!!!

Let’s see if we can catch up. I headed out to Snoqualmie Valley to hang out with my buddy Bruiser for the week and explore the suburbia side of life in the Greater Seattle area. A bit of a stretch for me because I’m not a suburbs kinda girl.

I AM however a dog kinda girl! And, Bruiser is a girl (with a camera) kinda dog. MATCH!!



A wee bit of owner separation anxiety put Bruiser in this position regularly.  Whatever works to make him feel loved.


Clearly comfortable enough to zonk out on the sofa with his wooly blanket!

In between puppy cuddles at home I of course took time for dog walks and camera walks.  Cool finds from Snoqualmie Valley!

I got lucky and happened upon the infamous Elk in a pasture just before sunset as the sun was breaking through an otherwise cloudy day. There were some serious moments of glow and awe on my part!

Snoqualmie Valley


Snoqualmie Valley

That is a LOT of ELK!!!! Of course I talked to them. Why do you think they are looking at me funny? I don’t just talk to herons…

I took an adventure drive out to try and shoot the sunset at Rattlesnake lake one evening.  Not much of a sunset, thanks to more clouds, but I did get to see how low our lakes are due to the lack of rain. SAD! On the upside, the exposed tree trunks were a fun photo find.

Snoqualmie Valley

Snoqualmie Valley

Snoqualmie Valley

Snoqualmie Valley

The “faces” in the trunks were rather “ghostly” and begged for a little moody B&W setting on the camera.  You know me and color…so this was a bit of an adventure in itself!

Snoqualmie Valley

Snoqualmie Valley


Of course I had to get up close and personal and find some abstract views of the bark on the trunks.

Snoqualmie Valley

Snoqualmie Valley


A quick drive out Snoqualmie Pass to check the leaf color status and I headed back home to my urban oasis.

Snoqualmie Valley


Adventure ON!

Snoqualmie Valley





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