Semiahmoo Resort + Me + Mom

Once a year my mom comes to visit me which helped with #Adventure52 – Me + Mom + Semiahmoo Resort. Mom’s visits are always awesome!  Just me….mom…and ALWAYS an adventure!  Last year it was Orcas Island. This year, it was Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA. I’d visited in the Spring and when I described the views, the water, the rock-filled beach, and the SPA to my mom she was SOLD.

Adventure Stop 1: Bow-Edison and Scenic Chuckanut Drive

Brunch at Tweets in Bow-Edison. I unexpectedly found this adorable street of food and shopping while trying to get a closer look at a bison farm (I never got that). BUT, the Edison “board walk” was a more than suitable bison substitute and I couldn’t wait to show mom around.


Tweets storefront


Mom reflecting in the antique mirror at our table (LOVE)

Here is a look at some of the amazing dishes available from Tweets chosen from either the chalkboard menu, that changes daily, or the pastry case.


This Torta is as big as my head!


These pecan shortbread cookies are ALMOST as big as my head and are AMAZING!


I selected the homemade biscuit with lamb STUFFED gravy and a sunny side up egg.  I have no words, but YUUUUUMMMMMM!


Mom’s choice, the Torta piled high with salad.  Another completely amazing dish with solid flavors and a great mix of textures.

If you are in the Seattle area or are here for a visit, you MUST take a side trip to Bow-Edison and check out Tweets. The food is amazing. The people watching is awesome. And, the setting is PERFECTION.

Food coma at full throttle we browsed a few shops, met a new friend, and jumped in the car to make our way through the farmland and up to scenic Chuckanut Drive.


Sweet little green frog hanging out on the flowers in front of a house in Bow Edison.  He captured my heart.


Apple trees dotted a field in the farmland

Adventure Stop 2: Scenic Chuckanut Drive


Scenic view from Chuckanut drive


Signs of Fall looming as colors are changing and the lure of pine cones calls

Adventure Stop 3: Final Destination: Blaine, WA – Day 1 Semiahmoo Resort

Arriving at Semiahmoo Resort and walking into our room my mom was SO HAPPY! Beachfront beauty all ours for 3 days!

Semiahmoo Resort

Our ever-so-comfortable room at Semiahmoo Resort and THE most comfortable beds I’ve ever experienced

Semiahmoo Resort

Looking out our window past our patio to Semiahmoo Bay and Canada

A walk around the property and showing mom the beach and the awesome treasures at the old cannery building…ok…maybe mom wasn’t all that excited about the treasures…but you know I love ANYTHING with color and texture so I was in my happy place!

Semiahmoo Resort

An old wooden boat and the old cannery building at Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

My love of color and texture photography satisfied

Back to the room for snacks and watching the sun break through the storm clouds and begin to set was quite magical.

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Bay facing Canada

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

A few of my favorite art photography styles that make sunsets extra fun

And that was a wrap on day one of our Semiahmoo adventure!

Adventure Day 2: Semiahmoo Resort Spa and Canada (Adventure Fail)

Day two began with hot beach stone massages at the Semiahmoo Resort Spa. My massage therapist’s name was Melissa.  She was clearly amazing and cool and I thoroughly blissed out with the smooth, energetic heat from the rocks. I could have stayed all day. BUT, there was more adventure to discover!

So off we went, full of bliss…to CANADA where we lost some bliss. Stormy skies, non-stop rain, and directional mishaps. My mom will tell you her daughter “adventured” her to Canada to have a Starbucks. Well, I mean…it’s not EVERY day you can say “Oh, I ran over to Canada for a cup of Starbucks…”

Oh Canada…

Semiahmoo Resort

Our drive over the “border” to visit White Rock pier…this was as close as we came.  Photos through the car window after I was assaulted by rain and wind when I stepped out of the car.

Back to the US, we did a little Great Blue Heron “hunting” adventure along Semiahmoo Bay. I’ve never seen so many Herons! I can see why they like to live here though. Who wouldn’t?

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

I stalked this beauty on the beach in front of our room. We had a lovely conversation thanks to my coach Alison LeBrun and the magical vision exercises we do that often lead to appearances by my personal “fear guide” Herry the Heron. As this particular Heron flew away, gliding above the waves, I was gifted with this magical image.


Can you see the heron?  Can you see the “dancing angel” that a slight turn of the image created? Life is all about how you see things.

After my Heron stalking, a little more sunset magic happened as the storm clouds parted again and the sun began to set with VERY dramatic light!

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

Semiahmoo Resort

A little underexposed sunset fun from the beach

Adventure Day 3: Semiahmoo Goodbye 

Adventure day three we explored the “other side” of the resort and took a morning walk along the marina.

Semiahmoo Resort

Boats, boats, and more boats

Semiahmoo Resort

After the rain, droplets make fun photography

I’m pretty sure we both shed some tears knowing we had to say goodbye to this lovely gem. Of course, we soothed our souls with some shopping therapy in Bellingham on the way home and a quick snack at Seeds Bistro in La Conner.


Peach pie and vanilla ice cream HEAVEN!


Fresh, hot apple cider from a local farm really put me in the mood for Fall

I love a good travel adventure. I love a good adventure even more when I have a trusty adventure companion. I’m grateful and honored that my mom is willing to adventure with me…to Canada for Starbucks, among other things.

Thanks, Mom! I love you more than I love adventure!!

Thank you Semiahmoo Resort – “Semiahmoo isn’t merely a destination; it’s an all-encompassing feeling. You begin to relax, play and dis-engage from life’s hectic pace and cares. I AGREE! I’m STILL enjoying your inspired Do Not Disturb lifestyle. I can’t wait to come back to #MySemiahmoo for more photos and adventure fun!

Coming next week….a food adventure of a VERY different kind for me. I’m cooking…breakfast…every day for almost 2 weeks. This IS a big adventure for me. Trust me!!