Dinghy in Pink

It’s the first Monday of “Spring Forward” pain. I thought you could use a little “color therapy” to cut through the fog.

I’ve been long overdue for a waterfront adventure so last weekend I was up early and heading to the Seattle Waterfront to jump on the Victoria Clipper. A little over two hours later, I was in Canada and exploring the beauty in Victoria, British Columbia.

The weather wasn’t the best, with snow flurries and rain leaving me wet and cold from head to toe, but it didn’t stop me from getting out with my camera (and my appetite, but that’s a whole other story!).

Early Sunday morning I walked along the quiet waterfront searching for Fisherman’s Wharf and admiring the boats and floating houses along the way. Few were out on the cold, wet path that snaked along the waterfront and it felt like I had the city to myself. In the quiet solitude, I indulged in a few fantasies about jumping on one of the lonely boats and sailing away to explore the world. A sunny, warm world of course!

As I wandered among the docks, my fantasy land was colorfully interrupted by this little beauty and my camera and I went to work.

Clearly not a boat worthy of touring the world, but definitely one worth touring with my lens.

Color {pink!}, textures, angles…
This little beauty had it all.

The dreary overcast morning left the water colorless and sometimes quite dark and ominous. A perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty of this pastel treasure.

Moving around the narrow dock trying to get the perfect angles and not fall into the water was a challenge. Kneeling on the dock proved cold and wet. The work all worth it to capture the sweet personality of this hard working boat.

I can’t wait to get back to Victoria and visit more marinas and see what other treasures await! For now, let’s move our way through this Monday and work it out. I’m sure it will be worth it.

{Feel free to throw in a fantasy or two if needed. Never hurts!}

Color On,