Funky Color

I was in a funk yesterday afternoon.

We’re talking capital F U N K.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Downtown Seattle and I was at a loss on what to do with it.

Full of F U N K, I set out with my camera.


No destination in mind.

Just moving.


The result?

A 5 mile walk.

Color, light, shape, and texture inspiration with my 100mm macro lens, the sun and a sculpture in a park.



I looked at the sculpture from all directions. Taking in the different shapes created each time I moved.
Struck by how open spaces connected and created closure with a change of perspective.

Fascinated by how the light made some areas shine and how the shadows brought dark contrast to others.

They say shadows help us appreciate the light.

I didn’t lose my F U N K…

But, at least it was a more colorful and creative F U N K.

Some days are just funky…

But still colorful.

Color On,