Coloring Spring

Good morning!

I’ve missed you all!!! I’ve been too busy to write and too busy to take pictures lately.

But, I have a few treats today…

Spring is arriving.

Tulips are appearing.

My favorite flower. I love their shapes, colors and curves.

I’ve decided to treat myself each weekend, in a different color. This week’s beauties came from Pike Place Market. I walked all the flower stalls and waited for inspiration to come.

Would it be from color?

Would a special shape inspire me?

Would I jump in because of an interesting display?

Shape! And, COLOR!!

This one tulip…

This one petal got me…


The delicate curves, the unique petal edge “design” and the perfect mix of color was exactly what I wanted.

All “dressed” at home and posing with the natural window sill backlighting, glamour beyond my hope!



Color On,